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Underground Strength Workout Feb. 8, 2013

“Training Is Supposed To Be Fun! Do What You Love & Love What You Do”

– Zach Even – Esh –

1) Warm Up As Needed

2) Bang Out 1 Round of A Light Kettlebell Combat Complex

YouTube Preview Image

3) Light Practice of Complex x 3 – 4 sets x 1 – 3 reps: Snatch From Ground, Hang Snatch & Behind Neck Jerk

4A) Snatch: 8 x 1 rep from ground, 1 rep hang

4B) Hurdle Jumps 8 x 3

5) Trap Bar Deadlift: Work Up to 3 x 2 – 4 reps heavy

YouTube Preview Image

6A) Dips 4 x submax

6B) Band Pull Aparts 4 x 25

7) Grip + Abs 3 – 5 x each

Post Your Training, Weights, Comments Below….

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4 Responses to Underground Strength Workout Feb. 8, 2013

  1. Gabri says:

    Hey Zach! I have a little question for you:

    During my warm-up i do band pulls apart, face pulls and shoulder dislocations, and my training is usually very balanced in a pull/push way.

    But, if i want to do some extra work with some dips, or to do some weight push training before my workouts, what exercise should i combine it with to keep my shoulders healthy?? Band pulls apart, face pulls, light inverted rows?

    I am asking this to you because i used to have my shoulders injured, and now that i balanced my training i feel much better.

    Thank you for your help Zach, i love your passion!

  2. Randy says:

    Thanks for the WOD, I modified it to plug in BB complex. Please keep them coming.
    400m + Band walks + Dynamic Drills
    1) Moderate Intensity KB Complex, Non Stop, Mod-Heavy (If you set down the KB 5 burpee penalty)
    A) 1 Arm Swing x 6 / 6
    B) 2 Hand Swings x 12
    C) 1 Arm Row x 6 / 6
    D) Snatch x 6 /6
    E) Clean & Press x 6 / 6
    F) Goblet SQ x 6
    G) Reverse Lunge x 6 / 6

    3-5 rounds to find our 1RM complex
    2A) Barbell Complex (3-power clean, 2-FS, 1-PP)
    2B) Hurdle Jump x 4

    Mobility PlugIN -Band Pull Apart 2 x 20

    3 rounds sub max effort
    3a) HSPU
    3b) Rope Climb

    HIT Happy Hour
    5) 10,8,6,4,2
    Wall Ball 20/14
    SDHP (Barbell or KB) RX 95#/65#

    6) band pull apart / stretch

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