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Is There Such A Thing As Work Life Balance?

My son & I caught a BIG Catfish together! 5 Fish in 2 hours! BOOM!

My son & I caught a BIG Catfish together! 5 Fish in 2 hours! BOOM!

Whether you are a Strength Coach or not….

Whether you own your own business or not….

Whether you work for another company or not….

This Video QnA applies to you with regards to the work life balance question.

My thoughts on how to BIG time improve in the area of work & family life balance….

YouTube Preview Image

Please post your questions / comments below.

Psyched to help.

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10 Responses to Is There Such A Thing As Work Life Balance?

  1. Dustin W says:

    HA! My big guy just gave you a “Peace Out”. They often sit over my shoulder as I watch your videos.
    People will train when you tell them to. If you want the weekends off then you make it happen. That personally is paper time for me, but only after kids are in bed. The past two weeks I have been spending the weekends getting my place up and running. This past weekend was the first time I didn’t have to spend the whole day there and it felt great!
    I may be just starting but I am setting the tempo NOW! My weekends are family time-PERIOD! If the clients don’t like that then they can walk because money isn’t worth missing out. I will be working a lot during the week, and over the summer my boys will be able to hang with me at the gym.
    Even though they are with me it isn’t their typical “Daddy Time” so I will make an effort to spend quality time since I no longer have quantity time.
    Good Stuff! Did you have your son yell, “Fish On!”? My boys yell that at our little pond and it is awesome. Then we through the fish back and yell, “Grow Bigger!”

    • admin says:

      DW – my son never caught this many fish or even such BIG fish.

      That cat fish was a pole bender!!!

      He had an AWESOME DAY!! #FamilyFirst

      • Rena Bumpers says:

        Hey Zach, thanks so much for the motivation. I am just getting back into the gym. Every morning at 6AM. Thanks for the motivation! Keep on Fishing with your son they will be treasured moments in the future.

  2. Mike Corona says:

    Zach- this was and is a huge deal for me. I work a full time job and run my gym business on the side. I’m a new father with a 6 month old girl and a wife who works full time and some as well.

    You and I talked about this and made things work out better.

    It’s agree it’s tough as hell to find the balance.

    One thing I do is take AT LEAST 1 Whole Weekend a month Fri- Sun and ALL Sundays to be with them. No excuses. Getting away with the family once a month is great and well needed.

    Also- I hate being the asshole when it comes to events and parties but it seems to be like every weekend there’s something going on but I told my wife.. if I say no it’s a no go. We just chill out and spend it together instead of rushing around to get out of the house.

    • admin says:

      Corona!!! Agreed, brotha…. The run around life is good for some, but in your heart, if it’s not right, then it ain’t right!!!

      I think living in tri state area especially makes it a bit hectic, we’re accustomed to it

      I agree w/you, bro, time to move south and slooow down, ha ha

  3. Sean Barker says:

    Much needed posts big Z!

    Running two fitness locations myself and social media being a huge part of my community growth I keep taking steps to get more freedom back with my family, with baby #2 of the way!

    Last week I set a new rule of no phone or social media once I pickup my daughter from school at 4pm. I am up running my biz 4am-4pm, that’s a big enough piece of me for others.

    Keeping making a dent in the universe brutha!

    • admin says:


      AWESOME rule after 4 PM, broskie!!!!

      Timelines help you lock down the “get shit done” time and NO messing around.


  4. Mike says:

    Awesome blog Zach, and something I can really relate to.

    If it’s okay d’you mind if I share an article I wrote on a similar topic for the Personal Trainer Development Center a while back?

  5. Randy Green says:

    Great insight Zach, thanks!

  6. Frank says:

    Very, very important post!
    If the family isn’t getting the time they deserve we are failing no matter how much money we might be making.
    My wife & I just got recently from our vacation, and it was great to not be
    on Facebook, e-mail, Twitter, etc. for several days. It was just us and it rocked!

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