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Life WithOUT Passion is NO Life at All – Ultimate Warrior Memories


WARNING: NOT Work / Family Safe

I am shocked…. sometimes disappointed….. sometimes disgusted…. sometimes sick to my stomach….. when I see people who have NO passion for anything in life.

It confuses me. I don’t know how that can happen to someone or how they allow it to happen to themselves.

I get sick to my stomach when I see athletes, coaches, parents who don’t care if they win or lose in the sports they compete in. Because I KNOW we ALL have potential to be Great if we choose to WORK for it & EARN it.

There are too many people going through the motions, merely existing and NOT truly Living. This is NOT fair to yourself and if you are in a position of authority, such as a Coach, administrator, etc then you are letting down hundreds and even thousands.

Many people tell me to STOP caring so much. I have tried, but it never works. This is me.

I am Passionate & often times intense. I GENUINELY CARE about seeing others succeed.

So when I saw these videos below for the first time, I truly felt like I connected with someone who also Cared. Who was also Intense. These are Videos of The Ultimate Warrior.

I recall seeing his “Injection of Inspiration” Videos for the first time & I suddenly felt like I no longer had to hide my intensity and passion. I felt that it was acceptable to be ALL in.

People Forget to Realize That Opportunity Comes As Fast As It Goes.

Carpe Diem….

YouTube Preview Image

Maybe that’s THE problem nowadays…. “play” the sport…. VS “LIVE” the sport.

Punch the clock at work instead of going above and beyond.

Being a GREAT parent instead of being too tired or too busy all the time.

If you’re gonna GO for something, GO FULL FORCE. 2nd best or “good enough” should not be part of your thoughts, let alone your vocabulary.

A business man I know said something while being interviewed, regarding all the cry baby whiners who aren’t succeeding in this world…. “America has gotten soft….”

He was referring to people who don’t want to hustle or work their tails off to get where they want and to achieve what they want. SOFT.

“Don’t fight the way you want to. You must fight the way you NEED to.” – words from Ohio State University Wrestling Coach, Tom Ryan.

The Ultimate Warrior was around when I was a kid, and as you can see through the videos below, he STILL lives and breathes what he does, compared to those who SAY they want something, The Ultimate Warrior DOES what he says he Wants. It is NOT an act.

Wanting and Doing are two VERY different things.

Before you watch these videos, be careful of making the excuse and saying that all this is for entertainment.

Is it REALLY just entertainment? This man has been around since I was in elementary school, about 30 years….. 30 years later, looks like he has a NASTY basement set up for his training and hasn’t lost his edge one bit.



Living the Code?

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Go ahead and drop your comments below. Comments on your passion, your commitment and why you do what you do.


Since writing this blog post, The Ultimate Warrior has passed away.

To describe our relationship and my memories of The Warrior are almost impossible. My heart actually feels broken, I have regrets of communications left unfinished.

Again, another reminder to live life fully every day.

RIP Warrior Man, I will miss you every day, from the heart.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Live the Code.

Always Believe.


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79 Responses to Life WithOUT Passion is NO Life at All – Ultimate Warrior Memories

  1. Rick Daman says:

    Oh hell yeah!!! That shit is great!! Couldn’t have came at a better time. Today is the 2 year anniv. of DST!! I woke up at 6, cooked breakast for you wife and got to work. This is what I found first!!!! I love it!! ‘Oh don’t worry we got cell phones, we’ll call 911!”

  2. Pete says:

    Thank you. This was a guys I wanted to be. A guy I wanted to look like. The frayed strings attached to my arms and running around like a maniac calling all my friends the warriors. Even if he’s not the shredded, long haired, facepainted diesel machine he was back then. I still see him as someone I always wanted to be. now I can say that I wear my frayed strings and I call my people Kranksters. Thanks for this post and all the support you give to everyone Z.

    • admin says:

      @Pete: Pete F’**in’ Isip – Warrior LOVES you and want You to be YOU, he’d give you all the respect and then some

      Pete Isip + Krank = Rule the WORLD! You’re THE man, homie, honored to be a friend!

  3. Dustin W. says:

    Thanks for this Zach! The Warrior was/is my favorite wrestler. Sprinting to the ring, shaking the whole ring, and being kicked down but getting back up while shaking. Then staring his appoint in the eyes and shaking his head, and screaming.
    Wrestling isn’t real, but something about him felt real. Like he walked outside the way he walked inside.
    Thank you again for this post.

  4. Vince says:

    Live your lives with INTENSITY.

  5. don weaver says:

    wow!!!makes me want to go run hill sprints backwards with 350 on my back..pulling a sled..pushing another…only thinking of one thing thats going through any obstacle in my way

  6. George says:

    The Ultimate Warrior was always my favorite wrestler growing up, but I had no idea he was getting back in the spotlight. I’m so glad you posted this today … although I think I just spent two hours on his YT Channel!?

    Thanks for this, Zach.

    • admin says:

      @George: ha ha ha, I think he lays low on his farm in Oklahoma, but, somehow, some way, TV lured him to LA and he is unleashing hell on those dudes who signed up for his workouts!!???

      Crazy Kids!

  7. John Cintron says:

    This takes me back to the days when I was a the biggest ultimate warrior fan. I loved that intensity that was how I trained. that intensity would get you kicked out just about every gym these days. I am ammped up right now. Perfect for my second workout of the day. Great stuff Zach!!1


  8. Ken Roetman says:

    That was awesome! The Ultimate Warrior!!! Always a fan! Shit man time to start telling my clients how I really feel when they dragging their ass’s and telling me their lame ass excuses!

  9. My Passion is Fucking Passion!
    That just struck me in the face

    This is the stuff that scares most people, they are not willing to go trough hell and get what they want

    Me I’ve had enough softness in my life and everyday for the rest of my life I will hustle to live my life on my own rules!

    Thanks Zach for being a Passionate Badass!

  10. WOW!!! Zach, I thought the Warrior had died years ago. Guess I heard wrong! HE’S BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!! I love how he’s kicking ass on those little Sissy Mary band boys! Awesome stuff, Bro!

  11. Frank S says:

    LOVED the last 2 videos! I listen to harcore music and those 2 bands are some of the bands that I listen to. I have always thought that the music was good, but those guys are WEAK. Its good to see that they finally got to see what a real workout is like, true warriors live. I’d hate to see these guys spend a day with your workouts. I am gonna put those bands on next time I work out and that’s gonna motivate the living hell out of me. Thanks a lot Zach!

  12. Josh Pearson says:

    That guy is a straight up ANIMAL – Would love to get in on that training aswel! Big respect Z – And you gotta love those bitching haters as there hate just makes us stronger.


  13. My alarm went off at 5am this morning. I hit the snooze and started to roll back into bed, decided to check my emails and found this. All I can say is DAMN!!! I’m headed out the door to hit the pavement and pound some weights.
    -Buffalo Black

  14. Joseph says:

    Love The Warrior! Great post!

  15. Lou Torres says:

    The Mofi’ing Ultimate Warrior!!! Damn that dude brings back memories… you don’t get much more verbal and excited about life and your vision than that… You can see he believes 130% in his cause and will take it to the grave… I commend him for his valiant effort..

  16. Courtney says:

    The Warrior is just speaking the fucking truth!!! Too many people walk around SOFT with absolutely no intensity… about anything!!! Complete bullshit and no way to live.

    Yesterday, I finished up with a heavy back day that left me completely drained and barely able to make it to the kitchen to make my dinner… but these videos made my ass want to train again!!! The Warrior and his passion are what I like to see!!!
    Oh and FUCK YOUR HATERS Zach, intensity can come with a couple harsh words… once again–SOFT!!

    Thanks again for posting those!!


  17. jerry says:

    For the record, Zach, I loved your post yesterday. It was just what I needed and I shared it on Facebook. Throughout the day, it received like 12 likes & 4 or 5 re-shares. It’s great to see the Ultimate Warrior still has all that intensity and walks the talk. Thanks.

  18. z,

    that was passion for everything !! thanks for the share brother …

  19. lori sica says:

    A life with out passion is like a formula one race car with no fuel. You could not have stated this any better. Passion wakes me up in the morning, passion for my man, the privilege to be a mom, to make today count, to make me a better me, to realize that my purpose here is much greater than me. Hatorade drinkers, crybabies, complaining nay-sayers..BRING them. They have come to the right place because I know what drives Underground Strength, and its a mega-circuit of passion. You have enough for every whiner out there. Let them keep reading. You are doing your kids a great service, they will carry on your legacy. They will live with passion. With out it, there is no life in our lives.

  20. Neal says:

    SICK! Pumped and ready to move some weights!

  21. Matt says:

    PREACH! Love it!

  22. kris kepler says:

    PURE ENERGY!!! always coming with fresh stuff Big Z!!

  23. Tyler says:

    Too many people going through the motions and afraid to test their limits. Keep it coming, brother.

  24. Manu says:

    AWESOME. “Drop a weight on your chest that’ll start things back up.”
    Did those softies think they awere going to get something different form the warrior? I’m all fired up now.

    For the folks getting ticked for not taking your warning about it not being work friendly – – GET HEAD PHONES!

  25. Michael H says:

    Carpe diem!

    So many people out there saying, “it’s too hard.” Forget that! I’m not backing down. America is full of wusses. They’d rather find some magic pill, some magic yet easy exercise. There was never a single exercise that built someone to be who they are. It’s HARD work that builds legends. All around us every day, we have people who spend their money on fast food because it’s easier that way and it is “satisfying.” We have people who sit around and watch TV while eating their favorite snacks once their day is done… Not us undergrounders! We get stuff done while people are still getting precious sleep and THEN we go off to school or work. We even get our workouts done after having extremely tiring days of work or school or whatever else we may be doing. No excuses! Even if you have to get your workout done after your family has gone to bed!

    Thanks Zach! All of warrior’s videos are inspiring! Same with your blog posts!

  26. george says:

    That speech got me fired the fuck up. I made the mistake of watching it before i went to sleep, took me over an hour to stop thinking of ways to get stronger and push obstacles out my way. Thanks man. Live strong

  27. Jeremy T says:

    Forget all the “woe is me, I’m dipped in shit” attitudes that we all encounter on a daily basis!!! And train those forearms EXTRA EXTRA HARD!!! cuz today’s the NEXT DAY in an IT DOES MATTER LIFE!!!!

    Keep it coming Z!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  28. Daryl says:


    I’m more passionate than ever about what I do. I’m inspired every day to get better and better. The great thing is it never ends. Everyday alive is an opportunity to become GREAT! It is an opportunity to inspire others to be GREAT! Everyday breathing on this earth is an opportunity to change the world. What most don’t realize is that they have what they need. Tune out the media and the haters that aren’t strong enough to take control of their lives and keep moving forward.

    Live, love, learn, and pay it all forward!

  29. BA says:

    Two words……….PASSION and INTENSITY. Too bad they are missing from most peoples vocabulary. These should be mandatory viewing before entering the gym.

  30. Jonesy says:


  31. Kevin Salisbury says:

    Hey Zach, this proves that inspiring words can come from anyone and anywhere.. I was an indy wrestler for 6 years and step into the ring from time to time. My first gimmick was a Warrior clone. I can tell you that attempting to duplicate that man is impossible. Yes he can sometimes come off as a lunatic but what do you think we undergrounders look like to the general public while we hurl tires, rocks and push cars? We are the exception and not the norm.. Living our best life on our terms. If it takes some face paint, or snarls to wake people up then so be it. You just may be our version of the Warrior.. Stay strong

  32. Aaron Dokos says:

    ANY ONE that got offended by this is a straight up PUSSY!!! PERIOD!!! Don’t have time for pussies in my life. If you are not sniveling and complaining the F**king work!!! Stop complaining about what you don’t have and push yourself to be your absolute best and expect nothing less. I expect nothing less than excellence in everyone I train and associate with. If you aint moving your dead. if you don’t want to move then MOVE BITCH GET OUT THE WAY!!

  33. Scott says:

    Love it and motivation is always good. You and he are real life warriors and heros. Keep up all the great things and keep the nation going and growing (Underground Warrior Nation) for ever.

  34. Thomas says:

    Hi Zach,

    I love that posts about motivation and passion, they always get me driven and my energylevel rises :-) Also love watching your fantastic wrestler´s kicking their ass..
    If they can, i can tooo :-)

    Who the f..k reads or watches this IN work?? “Get back there, you don´t get paid for those things, bad working ethnic -> Do you also train like this?? No wonder you are frustrated and haters 😉

    By the way your full of energy (i´m for sure) after watching/reading this and when sitting in work at a computer in work that extra trainingenergy is not of use and is wasted.
    I love coming home from work, sit half an hour at the pc… get some motivation from you, smitty and so on. Than TOP motivated hit the gym :-) Better solution, i think 😉

    “100% of all haters are unrealized potential” -> From Joe Rogan & Brayn Callen Love that quote.

    Because of guy´s like you, my “inner” Sissy shrinks more and more, everyday..

    Thanks MR. Underground and keep up that good work you´r doing :-)

  35. Bo says:

    Excellent videos, and a excellent post. I have always found strength in the Navy Seal motto ” the only easy day, was yesterday.” Most Definitely the truth.

  36. paul says:

    Hi zach just seeing what the fuss was about, just read the mail and checked the vids . What can i say weak! lets hope you dont get invaded,seriously iam up at 5.30 every day just to make sure my shit gets done walk dogs, workout,get kids up for school 6.30,7.00 then iam of to college 4 9.00 start ,then back home 4 resistance work in early evening. iam doing a diploma to get into uni. To do physiotherapy ,to change my life and to better other peoples lives with physical problems.Inspiration can come in many ways nature, art, or peoples actions.I REMEBER THE WARRIOR . COME ON ITS TIME TO TASTE A BIT OF BLOOD IN YOUR MOUTH. SUCK IT UP AND GET BACK IN THE FIGHT.

  37. Kent says:

    Great stuff! Zach, if people are getting all riled up by what you’re posting, it’s a sure sign you’re doing something right! Keep fighting the good fight

  38. Timothy Clark says:

    When I ask people what they like to do for fun and they say nothin, or just hang out, it makes me feel empty inside. If you don’t even have a passion for fun, how can you have a passion for anything. But then I look around, and I get it even if I don’t understand. It’s not hard to be extraordinary when your surrounded by ordinary.

  39. Sergeant Major says:

    Those who object to harsh language have reality checks which are returned marked NSF (not sufficient funds). Addicted to the posture of sitting on their asses in front of a computer screen and thinking that online chatting or texting or twittering is social interaction. It is called WORKing out for a reason and far to many are seeking exercise which is fun. I have a small cadre of women clients who have learned and are now addicted to hard core strength training which makes them sweat instead of being hamsters and gerbils on some fuck treadmill, arc trainer or elliptical wasting their time putting in time whicl watchjhing soap operas on the overhead TV.

    I have no time for those who will not work hard at getting fit ,male of female. My partner’s 17 year old son is a totally pussy as are all his cohorts while his mom is swinging kettlebells,Indian clubs. stretching resistance bands and cycling hard on ten mile treks. Something in the area of 30% pf the applicants for military service can not meet the physical requirements.

    Hey dog breath, go hard or go home!

  40. JAIME says:

    AWW HELL YEA .. READY TO TEAR SHIT UP…i always loved the warrior . Zach thank you so much for posting this

  41. Ian Perry says:

    Awesome article man. Exactly what I needed to push through exams & training. Some people just don’t get it-as for the hate mail you received. People only hate what they don’t understand. Keep doing your thing

  42. Robert M. Zych says:

    I love the Warrior more now then when I was a kid. This maniac is LEGIT!

  43. zoubair says:

    great stuff. I believe it’s vital to have passion(s) in life, and that’s what’s making us alive. I’m still living mines and trainer harder than ever, and thoses videos sure got me fired up about the fact that I won’t let myself become a lazyass with a pot belly that enters the room before me, and keep the same age throughout the years. again, great and inspiring stuff!

  44. Odhran says:

    Those videos are GUARANTEED to pump everyone up no questions asked. Thanks for the share Zach

  45. Peter Bolsius says:

    i watched these yesterday and left the house fired!! man i got shit done that i’d been putting off because “i was too busy” well i made time! great stuff

  46. Peter Bolsius says:

    PS with this new look blog i’m having trouble reading the left hand part of the blogwhere the brown strip is. anyone else got this problem?

  47. Bro, the reason people are afraid of passion is because passion is HARD.

    It’s easy to float through life.

    It’s easy to just be told what to do.

    It’s easy to just look down and walk away.

    It’s HARD to do what feels right inside.

    It’s HARD to stand up for what you believe in when everyone tells you to shut up.

    It’s HARD to open up the thing you care about, that you’re passionate about, to the haters, naysayers, and pussies to snipe at from under their rock.

    Sure, it’s hard, but in my experience most things that are worth having are hard to get.

    As the line says: “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees”.

  48. Patrick B says:

    Man this had me fired up this morning. I was doing heavy dumbbell chest presses and felt like I could push the dumbbells through the ceiling. Then ripping up squat cleans like nobody’s business. Fuck the bullshit, away with the haters!

  49. I f*cking looooved!!!! the Ultimate Warrior. And i still do! Dunno if he was the key of my “stand up if i was f*cking falling down” but he definitely was an idol. To fight back, never give up and stand for the values i love. To be there for my family, acting strong even when the times are “not so good” to me. The fire still burns and i’m glad to see that the flame is still carried on the rocky path.

    Thank you Zach for remembering me!

  50. miguel negron says:

    now THAT is some fucking MOTIVATING SHIT!!!

  51. Robert says:

    Bro, your work and passion has inspired me ever since I’ve embraced the path less traveled. (The road you are paving is making it a lot more accessible to a lot more people, that’s for sure!) Whenever I feel uncertainty and self-imposed doubt, all I have to do is check out your latest email…and sure enough, it gets me motivated to train and fired up again about my goal to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach! As an amusing tangent, I’ve even used your blog post: “Arnold’s Six Secrets to Success” in a Philosophy class during our student-led lecture on “The Effects of Fitness/Physical Culture on Happiness.”

  52. terry harris says:

    great post Zach
    I remember seeing the warrior on tv years ago even way down in little New Zealand
    i have trained since i was 19 i am now 54 and still hit it hard ,kettles sand bags
    kegs with water heavy ropes and body weight ,at the start of this year i brought convict condition now working on that i have never lots the feeling of training since the first time i felt hard iron in my hands will do this until i can go no more or until they put my lid on the wooden box .
    keep up the great work and by the comments the movement is going
    always train like a worrior ,train strong and hard ,but most of all grow from with in

    Terry the Kiwi

  53. “If you really want to, then you are going to have to pay a price”

    Not many out there have it in them to pay a damn thing.

    If it’s not convenient they say no.

    I know all about the convenient solution.

    It makes you soft, it makes you weak, it breaks your damn soul.

    The price is becoming who you were meant to be, and realizing you wasted years of your life fucking around.

    Pay the price.

  54. Anyone complaining about harsh words needs to man the fu*k up. This is one of the greatest post from Zach. Warrior is 52 years old and still kicking ass in the gym. Too many ppl wasting money on material things. Playing video games and not working out. Move your body lift some things and stop being soft. WAKE UP SLEEPING BEAUTIES!!!

  55. Sean says:

    Zach – I personally don’t use that kind of language. Warrior was getting his point across. Period. Look past the f bomb and hear his heart people. He want those guys to stop being drunks and partiers. It’s a very positive message. I am a public school teacher and the thing most of these kids- especially boys – are missing is strong discipline. I see Star and ask Alexandria probably never had a man really take them under his wing and push them past their comfort zone. Fatherhood is so important today. We need real men being real dads. Not these namby pamby men who don’t know that fatherly love means discipline in love. I think warrior was showing that.

  56. Rich says:

    BOOM! Train those forearms! I didn’t know The Warrior had a show. Thanks for showing me this Zach! Gotta have passion and hustle!

  57. Jason Myall says:

    The Ultimate Warrior was always the biggest guy in the ring, some real inspirational stuff. Every now and then I find some great inspirational stuff around, thanks Zach for turning us on to this one.

  58. Jemand says:

    “Before you plant your feet… on this sacred ground… of an earth… you’ve been honored to live upon!” “Today is the day that you start building your own wall of bodies!”

    WOW!! That’s some real shit Bro.. real shit.. I’ve been a warrior since I was 9 years old… Most passionate wrestler ever!

    Thank you for this -Z-

  59. Janet Moore says:

    Love this Zach! I’ve never seen this guy before. He’s great! I’ll be sharing it with my trainees for sure!

  60. Thanks for posting these videos ~Z~!!! There are days I look & see others that seem more powerful or talented then me. So I get down on myself.

    My passion is stunt performing! The commitment of staying focused and relaxed in the face of “Danger”!! Love the thrill of entertaining others through media!!!

    These are the words I needed to hear to get my SHIT TOGETHER!!! LIVE THE CODE…

    Peacefully Stay, Zach!!!

  61. Jason Yun says:

    My fav post ever Zach! Awesome!! I’ll be watching all of warriors. Videos in next few days

  62. Fareed says:

    There are so few who can really wear there passion on their chest and say it as it is. Often times it comes with social stigma or judgement, sometimes it takes losing someone close to you and re-assessing if that cube farm you call a ‘profession’ is really doing anything at all.

    Man, and it really is something to take a stand on what you believe in and say: this is what I think. This is how I live my life. And this is what I believe in. And I really don’t need to please anyone as long as I live an honest and passionate life.

    This week I saw a 58 year old overweight man sprint an incline with his 35 year old nephew, I spoke to an old client of mine during a training session – where she said taking control of her body had helped her overcome her separation from her husband, I had a good friend tell me that exercise forced her to stop hiding behind her hypothyroid condition and take control of her body and life. And then I came across your post… Its now officially an awesome week Zach!!

    It’s an honor to fight the shitty corporate BS everyday, live and train with clients and friends who inspire!!! Always LIVE THE CODE. Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing Zach!!

  63. EGA says:

    ‘seize the day’ says it all! Forget the language; live the code!

  64. Jose says:

    Seriously, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been training for 10 yrs!! and the only reason I left all those other trainers in the dust and became successful, is b/c I grinded it out everyday, and strived to get better. You’re blog has been a HUGE inspiration, so any haters that can deal with that can continue to suck at life!

  65. Mike McNeil says:


    Keep kickin ass n takin names!!

    You’re the general in this movement…the destruction of the pussification of America!!

    Ready for battle. Thanks for the great post again!

    -Mike McNeil

  66. John says:

    Great stuff again Zach! Used to love the Ultimate Warrior growing up and that show looks like it’s gonna be awesome. His intensity really pumped me up!

  67. admin says:

    Guys BIG thnx for dropping comments, added wisdom and #TRUTH!

    I REALLY Love hearing and reading what everyone has to say and thinks.

    I see this and I see an army of strong MoFos.

    You guys REPRESENT! Keep livin’ w/Passion!

  68. Dennis says:

    Yo Zach, great post and inspiring vids. I don’t swear, but that didn’t keep me from getting the gist of what UW was getting at. Getting up everyday and dwelling on the past or dreading what will happen will get you nowhere. Start doing-Stop worrying. Show me a person who has ever gained a single iota of knowledge, strength or made any headway in reaching their goals by worrying and I’ll show you a liar.

  69. Warrior says:

    Zach, hello. Thanks for your post up at your site — and your praise and comments. I reposted your post at my Twitter and Facebook page.

    Love your site. Everything — the articles, the vids, your personal story, all of it right down to your “capitalist” pride disclaimer. I’ve been there many times and have it bookmarked. Very much admire your entrepreneurship and how you have exploited the viability of the internet and used the functionality of your sites to the MAX. Bravo on that! For years it’s been a goal of mine to implement similar functionality as yours on my own web presences but I’ve never found anyone who can do any more than just great design.

    Anyway, I also check in on many of your good friends in your industry (guys at Elite FTS, Wendler, etc.) but have never corresponded personally with any of them. Love what many of them are bringing forth, though. The guy who owns that gym we filmed The Warrior Show in, Rise Above Fitness, is a good friend of Wendler’s — Brandan Schieppati, Heavy Metal guy of the band, Bleeding Through.

    Yes, still very much intense and hardcore — no entertainment about that. Old school training my whole life, basics always… deads. squats, all kinds of presses…progressive overloads with large doses of high-intensity assistance work. Of course, at 52 and after all those years of using my body as a battering ram, my strength and mobility is not what it once was and there are some performances I can’t pull off anymore, but there are others I’m still able to kick ass in. Death is going to have work its ass off to take me.

    Keep being YOU, man. It’s the reason why you are here on this planet.

    Make sure to check out what will be going on my Warrior Show. It’s not going to be about me being in competition with younger guys. It’d going to be about mentoring and inspiring young people (creative, indepedently-minded people) to have the courage to take their OWN path in life — like you have done. I think you and the “One Million Strong” of your UnderGround Strength Nation will enjoy it.

    Likewise, if I can do anything for you, let me know.

    Always Believe,


  70. Evilcyber says:

    When it comes to working out, I do what I do because it makes me feel good. Is that passion? I don’t know. But there may be a thin line that separates “passion” from “obsession”.

  71. Rick Walker says:

    I am passionate about being the best father and husband I can be.

    I train to remain healthy and fit enough to do what I am passionate about.

    I think it is best when training is a part of your life, and not your life. It took me a long time to realize that, but once my kids were born it all made sense.


  72. Mellon says:

    These are great ass kicking videos!! If ppl are offended then they need to unsubscribe to you blog! we only want ppl that know and live the truth! all other wusses move to the side! (and for all the wusses I am a chick- so man up!!! and LIVE the code!)

  73. Ben Bergman says:

    Being passionate is the key to stay driven to what you love to do. Awesome post Zach, you know where to drive it to the ground.

  74. SB says:

    Doing something passionate in life could mean that you may have to take a difficult path and fore-go some pleasures initially, obviously comparing it with some comfy job that pays you well, and that is what stops most people from living the life they always wanted to.

    These are just great videos there…

  75. Frank says:

    Z, people have asked about why I haven’t retired and I train so hard at almost 64 years old.
    I love train hard! What most guys my age do is pitiful at best. In fact, thinking about their age is part of the problem.
    I surround myself with young tough lifters, people with fire in their gut;like you, like Dru Patrick, like Bud Jeffries!
    Though I am almost twice your age, I still learn a lot from you.
    GOD willing, I’ll train until they throw the dirt in my face one day.
    Few things tick me off as much as lazy, gutless people.

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Zach Even-Esh is an Author, Founder of The Underground Strength Gym & Creator of The Underground Strength Coach Certification.

Zach's inspiration in training comes from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding & Days of Old School Strength. His mission is to help You kick ass & take names in Life AND Lifting without the hype, fancy fads or gimmicks. Zach's Commitment To Your Success Is Unmatched. He Knows What It's Like To Go From A Weakling To An Unstoppable BEAST In Charge Of His Life, Business & Destiny. Zach Made It Happen Through The Iron and Now it's Your Turn!

Zach Even-Esh