STRONGCast # 12: Tommy Hackenbruck, CrossFit Training & Mental Toughness for LIFE


STRONGCast # 12 with someone I REALLY admire.

He’s a BEAST in Life AND Lifting.

He’s gone through SEAL Fit Kokoro 2 x and runs multiple CrossFit Gyms.

He’s humble and let’s his actions speak for themselves.

The man, Tommy Hackenbruck gives us an inside look into what it takes to be part of the 2 x CrossFit Team Affiliate Champs, running multiple gyms, being a father and staying mentally tough through it all.

Enjoy the show!

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Tommy Hacknbruck on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

UTE CrossFit

Tommy Hackenbruck on Twitter

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  1. says

    Cool interview, Zach.

    I would love to know some of the books in-particular Tommy mentions during the interview.

    Btw, how funny with the corona’s in the background!


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