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STRONGCast Ep. 9: Chad Wesley Smith, RAW Powerlifting, Strength Coach Balls & Football Workouts


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Episode # 9 of THE STRONGCast is with Chad Wesley Smith of Juggernaut Strength Training Systems.

About Chad Wesley Smith:

Chad Wesley Smith is the founder and head physical preparation coach at Juggernaut Training Systems. Chad has a diverse athletic background, winning two national championships in the shot put, setting the American Record in the squat (905 in the 308 class, raw w/ wraps) and most recently winning the 2012 North American Strongman championship, where he earned his pro card. In addition to his athletic exploits, Chad has helped over 50 athletes earn Division 1 athletic scholarships since 2009 and worked with many NFL Players and Olympians. Chad is the author of The Juggernaut Method and The Juggernaut Method 2.0.

Inside this episode of The STRONGCast, we cover the following:


– How do I train beginner athletes at The Underground Strength Gym who have very poor levels of strength and no muscle?

– What are the 2 critical things to keep in mind when training athletes?

– How do we get athletes ready for college at The Underground Strength Gym?

With Chad:

– How did Chad get started as a Strength Coach and open up his warehouse gym?

– What were the mistakes Chad made when opening his warehouse gym?

– What inspired Chad to fly across the country as a college athlete to train and learn from Joe DeFranco while other Coaches never want to travel to learn?

– Should we use the conjugate method for increasing strength and overall performance?

– What assessment did Chad use for incoming athletes when he ran his gym?

– What is the driving force behind dreams and ideas for Strength Coaches, Lifters and in life in general?

– How were the college Football players trained for the NFL combine and their NFL pro day?

– Where do most Coaches miss the boat when prepping Football players?

– Off season vs In season workouts – how should you adjust your training for athletes?

– GPP / General Physical Preparation VS SPP / Specialized Physical Preparation and how to choose what you need to focus on for your training plan?

– How can you improve your numbers in the RAW squat, bench and deadlift?

– The BIGGEST Life Lessons Chad has learned as an athlete, a Coach and an entrepreneur

– What book makes Chad cry every time and which book you need to read to gain greater insight into life.

– Training alone with self motivation VS training in a group

Enjoy this STRONGCast and please share with your friends and colleagues!

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5 Responses to STRONGCast Ep. 9: Chad Wesley Smith, RAW Powerlifting, Strength Coach Balls & Football Workouts

  1. Dustin W says:

    Thank you for this interview! Not just because it was awesome, it was, but it addressed many parts of what I believe with training. The football, your talk about wrestlers running and doing stairs. Freakn Amazing because it is like I say it to an athlete or parent then BOOM! There you and Chad are talking about it.
    I have adapted that mind set of work the basics with my training and will “Grease the Groove” with stones, tires, farmers, reverse hypers etc. Just grab it and train for a while then move on. I believe Travis Mash has a similar thought about getting better a certain lifts. Especially Olympic lifts.
    Great job again Zach!

  2. Dustin W says:

    Thank you for this interview! You have a way of selecting people that fit what I am going through at the right time. Like the conditioning for athletes. I asked my guys when do they ever go medium intensity for 20 minutes. Nothing should ever be over 1.5 minutes of balls to the wall because that is your period length. Then be able to recover quickly and repeat. But that coach has done that for years so they won’t listen to an up start like me.
    Everything about this interview hit me to take action. Awesome!
    You mentioned should you teach Olympic lifts to athletes and my answer Hell Yeah! If you know how to progress properly you can teach it very quick. Give me 10 minutes before every workout and in two to three weeks they will be lifting with correct form. But I am an Olympic lifting junky and like Chad says I want to improve so every day I lift. With variations that all add up to the full lifts.
    Great stuff!

  3. Frank says:

    Powerful information, Z, thanks!
    Juggernaut definitely rocks!

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