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The Story Of A Wimp Who Attacked Life

The frequent employment of one’s will power masters all organs of movement and trains them to perform feats which otherwise would have been difficult, painful, and even impossible.

The man becomes independent and self reliant; He will never be a coward, and, when real danger threatens, he is the one who is looked up to by others.

The knowledge of one’s strength entails a real mastery over oneself; it breeds energy and courage, helps one over the most difficult tasks of life, and procures contentment and true enjoyment of living.”

– George Hacenschmidt, The Russian Lion

Yesterday, I sent an e mail out to readers of The Underground Strength Journal. Everyone was fired up from our Russian Lion success story. If you’re not a member of the FREE Journal, get it HERE.

Check out this Russian Lion Success Story, from Matt A.:

This is in response to the Russian Lion workout program.  I completed workout 21 today, and have been doing 3 of the workouts per week for the last 7 weeks.

It has helped me in a variety of ways:

1.        Physically:

I have never been great at the power or oly lifts. I have been pretty average, despite a good work ethic.
This program has shown me that I can break through the self-limiting thoughts about how much weight I can lift, what my limits are, and what my body can take.

I have hidden behind a shoulder injury I sustained in college for many years, and with the combination of mobility work, multi-joint strength work, and power work, my shoulder feels better than it has in a long time.

I have had an increase in muscle mass.

2.       Mentally:

I have noticed that on the nights before I did the RL workouts, I couldn’t sleep because I was looking forward to the workout so much.

The mix of powerlifting, kettlebell work, and mobility work has kept me focused,  while also helping me to set daily goals for weights and form.

Listening to and reading many of the podcasts and books you have recommended (No Easy Day, Born to Run, Service, and several others) has been beneficial in helping me to stay focused and positive.

This course has also opened my eyes to other people’s mindset of weakness.
I work in a PT clinic.  Many of the warriors that I see have given in to pain and/or the mindset that they will never get better (often times told to them by physicians).

This course has helped me to better be able to serve those men and women, by focusing not only on improving physical health, but also helping to encourage them to become stronger in mind.

I am also seriously contemplating joining the military, as a physical therapist.  Would you recommend one of your programs specifically for getting prepared for the military?

(ANSWER: Yes, Bodyweight Bodybuilding Would Be A GREAT Addition To Prep For Military Training)

3.      Spiritually:

I have a strong faith in God, and this program only strengthened that faith.  I have always held the belief that God works in our lives, but also gave us our bodies and minds to do work.

Throughout the Bible there are stories of men doing amazing things, with God’s help, to help others and be strong for the weak.  By becoming stronger physically and mentally, I have been able to become stronger spiritually.

I am beginning to better understand your idea about being a “soul lifter.”  I love all things about strength and conditioning work, and feel like there are infinite possibilities for improvement for me.

Thanks for all of the programs you write, interviews you do, and posts that you write.  You are truly helping me to become a better man.


Matt A.”

I have immense respect for men and women out there, taking action, kicking a** and pushing to become
stronger than the norm.

Norms are just that, they are for everyone else. Average is like a disease that is creeping up everywhere, tolerated by too many and accepted by individuals themselves.

NOT here.

Check out this Power Quote from George Hackenschmidt, it fires me UP:

“All Prominent Strongmen Have Fostered Their Strength by The Aid of A Strong Will Power: They Wanted To Become Strong & Consequently Succeeded.”

I know you’ve been asked by others how you find the motivation to train hard, eat right, and overall, do the things that other normal people simply don’t want to do.

We’re a rare breed, that is for damn sure.

It’s hard to explain to others what it means to grab a heavy barbell, an old school globe dumbbell, a cold kettlebell…..

For people like us, we’re always climbing the mountain. We WANT that next challenge.

We WANT that harder, tougher, more grueling workouts that lets us know we’re ALIVE!

I don’t know about you because I can only speak for myself, but tonight, when I hit the The Underground Strength Gym I’m gonna crush my workout.

My schedule has been insanely busy between the new puppy, writing my new book and some other BIG news going down in my neck of the woods.

Let me tell you without hesitation, it’s scary for me to push the envelope at this level in life and lifting, but, that is EXACTLY why I am doing it. You can NOT run away from fear, you must face it head on, with absolute confidence that you can defeat fear.

I can leave NO legacy and help no one on this earth if I lay down and take the easy path, the path that the majority choose to follow.

How does one acquire this mindset that I have along with other successful people?

Was I always like this?

Heck NO!!

I was the BIGGEST wimp on planet earth in my younger years, but, through consistent training of the body, mind and spirit, I grew and evolved into a stronger person.

NOT overnight.

NOT in 12 weeks.

I honestly feel I only recently acquired the higher level mindset, mainly after going through The Navy SEAL Challenge.

Certainly, I am NOT a perfect person, but, I put myself in situations that challenge me to grow and evolve, situations to learn from the best and I continue to learn from these top educators over and over again, day in and day out, year in and year out.

This is the way to live for those who want to become champions. Facing your fears, taking the road less traveled, getting comfortable being UNcomfortable…..

This is your Opportunity, and for the average, this is your time to make an excuse and keep following the path all others take.

Live The Code

Advance & Conquer


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6 Responses to The Story Of A Wimp Who Attacked Life

  1. Ryan says:

    This blog post sounded like it came straight from the heart, it was awesome. Your evolution has been a great one and like you, I am also evolving. I have a question revolving in season training for Hockey. Over my winter break which is about 2 weeks long I will have no practice or games. I will have opportunities to skate though but not as good as an actual practice would be. How should I train, specifically conditioning wise but also in general, to not come back out of shape?

    Thanks, keep doing YOU.

  2. Kevin says:

    Fear is a Liar!!!!

  3. Dustin W. says:

    I’m not big on following. But I am not a loner. I have people that mean something in my life, and I choose to be around. Others may participate in my life, but their importance is minimal. Nice to have but not a necessity.
    Took a long time to figure out I wasn’t good at being a sheep, and accept that I could be an individual yet have people in my life. Even longer to accept that how I live is for me, and to force it upon others only creates problems.
    I stopped being a preacher of this life and started Doing. Those that want it will follow, and those that do not-Well not my problem!
    When I started training others I wanted to fix the world. Over time I figured I should start with fixing me. Always a work in progress, but every day getting one notch better.
    Great stuff Zach!
    For anyone that likes this training or posts you have to get to a cert! It will change your life!

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