Books You Should Be Reading & Why You MUST Read Daily


Reading and Running.....

I read like a fiend, you should too.... I'll tell you why in a second.

And about running.... don't worry, you're NOT too big, too old, too busy, etc. Watch this video and I'll show you all the books I'm reading / audio books I am listening to and how they WILL make you a stronger person, mentally, physically, spiritually.

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  1. I know SEALs get a lot of the glory, but how about some books about us Army guys Zach!? A lot of what they do can’t be done without us! Thanks for your support and for hooking up the military guys. Your workouts, advice, and philosophies have really been an inspiration for me and have revolutionized the way I approach fitness and life in general. Keep doin good things!

    1. Yes! Lions of Kandahar on the list. Gonna look into some books on Delta as well!

  2. Zach I used to hate reading but as I have gotten older I have started to read like a wild man. I am the youngest high school wrestling coach in the state and I must be at the top of my game to compete with all the old timers. You have inspired me to better myself and I love that you promote reading. I read the book you told us about in an email called No EASY Day .I could not put that book down all last week and part of this week. I could not stop thinking about getting it done. That book is an American must read to me. That book just gets me pumped for my life and to push myself way past what I think I can. 20X higher than I can ever imagine. Thanks for all you do bro. Keep the great shit coming.

    1. Yes, that book is so amazing, it’s not even funny! I didn’t think a book could top Lone Survivor but this one I feel is neck to neck!

  3. Check out “unleash the warrior within” by Mack Machowicz (Former Navy Seal)
    “You want me to do what” by Jeff Kraus…(Navy Seal, Army Ranger, Army S.F.)
    “Self Confidence” David Rutherford ( Former Navy Seal)
    “Never let go” Dan John
    And on from Mark Davines (sealfit) Reading list…”Being Peace” by Thich Nhat Hanh, super cool monk….and the last one is from the 1700’s HAGAKURE, The book of the Samurai by Yamamoto Tsunetomu…
    Good luck with your Navy Seal challenge Z, just remember you can handle a lot more than you think you can, and never surrender or give in. You’re gonna great and I’m proud to be apart of the underground!!! HOYAHH!!!!

    1. AD, that is a kick ass reading list, thank you!!! I dabbled in Mack’s book when it first came out but my mind wasn’t where it is now

      I will definitely go back and dig in!

      At 2 minutes is clutch, Mack gets pissed…. ha ha

  4. Haven’t really ventured into the Seal-Book-World as I’m not an American. But will have a look at it. As you said – its the mental aspect that is intriguing.

    Lately I’ve been really intrigued with Mt. Everest and all the drama and suffering that has happend there. This is far away from your theme of books but it also ventures into the fields what a human mind & body is able to do when it really gets challenged.

    So – here is my list:
    John Krakauer – Into Thin Air; Into the Wild
    Lincoln Hall – Life after Death on Mt. Everest
    Joe Simpson – Touching The Void
    Aron Ralston – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Also some classics:
    S. Pressfield – Gates of Fire
    Sun Tzu – Art of War

    So – there you have it. As you said it – its important to get it done. Even if you aren’t a big reader OR runner. Cover some miles/a book every week & you will be amazed where you’ll end up with in a year.

    Zach – have fun & good luck with your upcoming challenge. Remember Mikko Salo’s comment on his Sealfit challenge (from the vid series made for Sealfit): “They want to break you up. But I can only laugh at that. It’s fun, …”
    What a crazy dude.

  5. Dustin W. says:

    Every day I read two books. Have been doing this for some time. Although I do read other books (like you Zach-multiple books going at once).
    Plato’s Republic-Book Seven, It is the allegory of the cave and how we come to perceive the world. This is my mental prep book. Get’s the brain primed!
    Sun Tzu-The Art of War-I read one section each day. And all day work on ways to apply it. My advice for strength coaches read it in correlation to the body, and our battle to improve ourselves and others.

    Great stuff Zach!

    1. Great point on the art of war…y the war we face with our body and the control of it

  6. Zach, Great reading list. I have also downloaded or read most of them. Another great book is “Fearless” by Eric Blehm. It tells the story of Navy SEAL and Team Six operator Adam Brown and the unbelievable challenges he had to overcome in his life before and after he became a SEAL. If you want a story about mental toughness, determination and courage you’ve got to check it out!

    1. I agree 110%!!!

      I’ve read
      Howard Wasdin’s – SEAL Team Six memuoirs of an elite seal sniper.
      Mark Owen – No Easy Day
      Chris Kyle – American Sniper
      And my very first SEAL book and still my favourite was ‘Fearless’ by Eric Blehm

      Amazing story of a man of God, a man of courage, a family man and a pstriot.
      By the way I from Australia and I still love SEAL stories.

  7. I’m more about how we can do our bit to better the world right now. If you want to combine both worlds read “The Heart and the Fist” by Eric Greitens. Ex-humanitarian aid worker who turned Navy Seal when he realized pacifism couldn’t always resolve conflicts. Inspiring character.

  8. great video and read no easy day and the red circle. amazing books.. another book that is worth mentioning is Fearless by Eric Blehm its about a seal who name was Adam Brown. i could not put that book down, such a great read and an inspiring story.

  9. Just a tip, a lot of these books and audio tapes are available at your local libraries…..I know here in Western PA the Carnegie Library has these books and tapes and they are FREE if you have a card. If they don’t have a book you want, you can request they get it, and 99% of the time they will.

    So there is really no excuse not to be reading.

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