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Training Must Mirror Life AND Sports


There are MANY ways to train. MANY are highly effective and trust me, MANY are horrible on even their best days.

When I look at training for myself or when writing programs for others, I look at their goals and what life looks like when they perform. Nothing complicated, straight, simple and to the point.

Often times, the training programs that looks the easiest and simplest on paper are actually the toughest and the hardest.

In this video, I show you how I combine training for strength and speed in the SAME workout. WHY do I train like this? Because I WANT greater strength, greater speed, more athleticism and more lean muscle mass.

Most of the athletes we train utilize strength, speed, stamina, mental toughness, muscular endurance and more during their competitive events. So, we train for them in the SAME workout.

In addition, my time training athletes is NOT as frequent as I’d like, so using the conjugate method would not work well for these athletes because they simply don’t train enough. Most only train 2 x week.

Check this video where I demonstrate one variation of one of my favorite training methods…..

YouTube Preview Image

Remember: Training must mirror life, your sport and your goals.

I am in training for the sport of life, what about you?

Drop a comment or question below. Looking forward….

Live The Code,



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8 Responses to Training Must Mirror Life AND Sports

  1. Omry peled says:

    geart stuff as usual Z!

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for this article, I often forget the KISS principle, I am training for a sprint kayak race, its so easy with the internet to get distracted and start to try the routines of others.

  3. Dustin Maynard says:

    Training SHOULD mirror life!

    For instance, I am not an NFL football player. So, you will not see me specializing in the bench press or even squats for that matter. At the Steel Mill, when I was a labor man (recently got promoted to the office! Been climbing my way tot he top. Worked hard for it for 2 years!) I was always deadlifting, carrying weights, curling weights to fixed holds, zercher holds and carries, clean and presses with all sorts of steel parts, lateral raise “throws”, yoke walks, & farmer walks. So, what did I do? I went home and trained in the garage–the same movements—-i just made them harder and heavier. The harder I made it on myself in my garage, the easier it got for me at work.

    Plus it gave me an excuse to eat more. :-)

  4. Justin says:

    Great video! As you always say dont want to be strong and useless! Speed and explosiveness are so important. Thanks for keepin the great info coming.

  5. hassan says:

    mr zach even-esh,i have been recieving your mail for sometime now and i just wanted to thank you man,love your articles,you changed my perspective on training,i live in kenya east africa,once again love your info man,keep strong

    • admin says:

      Hassan my man, thnx BIG time for your message, you made my day!!!

      I’d love to see photos or videos of your training in Kenya!

      Keep me posted and keep getting Stronger, my brotha!

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