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Underground Strength Nation T Shirt Contest


I’m pumped that Rogue Fitness is carrying our Underground Strength Nation T Shirts HERE.

So. I decided we should crush a contest with You wearing your Underground Strength Shirt and YES, it has to be THIS Exact T Shirt if we are to play fair.

Here are The Rules & The Deadline of The Underground Strength Nation Inspiration T Shirt Contest:

1) Buy your Underground Strength Nation T Shirt HERE

2) Wear your Shirt & post an inspirational photo / meme on Facebook or Instagram and tag me.

Obviously, you must wear the shirt to be IN the contest. Be creative, have FUN and Inspire others with your photo!

My Facebook Page HERE

My Instagram Page HERE

3) Link your photo submission in the comments section below.

This way myself and others can easily see your inspiration photo.

4) The deadline to post your comment / linked photo is Sunday, March 2nd, Midnight EST

5) The winner of the most inspirational photo will be announced Monday, March 3rd.

Your Prizes Will Be:

– 1 Year Membership to My Inner Circle ($197 Value)

– 30 Minute Skype Coaching Call With Me ($147 Value)

– 50% Discount Off Upcoming Underground Strength Coach Cert in NJ ($500 Value)

What is inspirational? Only you can decide that. Go from your heart and post a pic that you feel will inspire others.

It can be training, it can be you with family, friends, standing somewhere, a powerful quote, etc.

Go for it and make it happen!

Psyched to see your inspirational photo.

Post a comment below with a link to your photo.

Get your shirt right NOW, right HERE!

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7 Responses to Underground Strength Nation T Shirt Contest

  1. C.J. Holman says:

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is C.J. Holman, and this is my story…

    As a kid growing up I was raised to always be active and play some sort of sport. For me it was hockey and football just like the relatives who had blazed the path before me, but I can honestly say I enjoyed them all. As high school approached I knew I had to do some sort of working out and lift some weights to gain some size and weight and try to bring my game up.

    This is when everything changed.

    Being at “the gym” always made me feel confident and powerful about myself regardless if I was doing it optimally or not. I was simply having fun, and that is what it’s ultimately always about! After high school I really wanted to see where I could end up in the field of fitness.

    I knew I needed to get myself in the door somehow and soon found myself graduating from The National Personal Training Institute in Waltham, MA. Soon after, I decided to leave the job I was working at, to pursue my dreams of one day owning a well-known strength gym in the Northeast.

    I begin training clients out of a private gym and instantly I knew that this was going to be my PASSION. I enjoyed teaching the correct technique and all the scientific material but loved connecting with the individual on a different level. I wanted to know everything about their lifestyle so I could attack their weak points whether it be physically or mentally and help chase their own personal goals.

    At this time I also started reading everything I could get my hands on. (Articles, Q & A sections on websites, forums, books, watching videos and documentaries, and listening to podcasts.) I knew I needed to find a mentor and other coaches that were similar to myself.

    As the year came to an end I knew that I needed to find a location that was strictly mine so I could run things on a larger scale to try and help as many people as possible. I was offered a spot and I took it and transformed it into CHIEFS.

    My Motivation?

    After high school came to an end, things in my community seemed to take a drastic change for the worse. Between the flood of drugs and constant negativity spreading throughout the neighboring towns many seemed to have lost the ethics and drive that was taught to them in their early years.

    At first I was getting upset and wanted to just help however I could because I was focused and wanted them to be too, but soon realized that it just isn’t how it works. I do understand this problem is everywhere in the United States today but it hits home when you see people go through it and often lose the battle.

    If there is one thing that I want to accomplish it is giving others who may be reading this the hope and inspiration that ANYTHING is possible when you stay focused, chase your dreams, and straight up listen to your gut instincts. You want something? You go out and get it, period!

    Today I use it as motivation to wake up every single day and simply stay focused on my goals and not worry what everyone else is doing. You always have to believe in yourself even when others don’t and most importantly never stop dreaming BIG!

    Training at CHIEFS

    We pursue goals that are relevant to you and only YOU through simple and old school methods always targeting our weak points, nutrition, and mobility. Performance comes first and foremost whether it be physically or mentally and always has some sort of carryover to your everyday life.

    Why Private?

    We believe in quality over quantity! Simply saying we give a shit and care about the constant results we achieve. Everyone wants to feel good about their lives but not everyone is willing to make it a priority and a lifestyle and really work for. At Chiefs there is simply no substitute or shortcut for consistent hard work. Training should be fun! And all you really have to do is show up.

    Message to Z.E.E

    Thank you Zach for being an excellent role model in society today, you have not only inspired me to live out my dreams in opening up a private business but also to instill my positive qualities on my community and to always give back tenfold. I enjoy waking up and reading your emails every day and you continue to fire me up. I cannot thank you enough!

    Always Living the Code,

    C.J. Holman

  2. Coachmanny says:

    My name is coach Manny. I am a father of a great son (wrestler)!!! also a husband to a fantastic loving wife. I have followed Zach for a few years now, and I am lucky to have such a great inspiring coach out there looking out for me and my son. We are underground infer circle members, and use the workouts that win program during the off season. I must say thank you Z for the everyday motivational emails! Z you have made a tremendous impact on my health and way of life.
    My original submit for the shirt contest was me completing 20 pull ups. You see at states wrestling turney

  3. Coachmanny says:
    My name is Manny. I am a father of a great son (wrestler) Manny turning 16 yrs. I also am a husband of a fantastic loving wife. I have followed Zach for a few years now. I am a member of e inner circle. My son and and I have used the workouts that win program, and seriously!! Seen unbelievable results!! I just want to say I am greatly appreciative to have Z in our corner with the daily motivational emails, and inspirational mind set. Zach you have changed my life in so many ways, health, job, family and direction in life.
    My original post was supposed to be me completing 20 pull ups at a marine booth set up at the high school states tournament but my father inlaw couldn’t send the video from his phone. The point of that was last year I could only complete 16, and this year I walked right up with my underground shirt on and banged them out got a marine t-shirt, and really thought to myself it has payed off to stick with it even though it might be cold out or tired from work. Like you say Z “it is simple but not easy”.
    Hope my post inspires you ask and thank you for reading.

  4. Sean Davis says:
    video above
    Hey buddy, I emailed this to you. Last Thursday for the T shirt contest.

    • Zach says:

      Sean, yooooo bro, yes, I said to post this on the blog brotha.

      Also, this is a photo contest :(

      You made the most AWESOME video, though!

      That being said, I’m gonna hold a VIDEO inspiration contest and you can enter this video!

      Hang tight for rules / info!!!!


  5. Sean Davis says:

    Congrats to the photo entries! They both were great! Truck or snow…they both are BRUTAL!

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