Motivation, Desire & Why I Quit My $92K Per Year Job

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it.”

“The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”

– E. Nightingale

I have a unique gift, a special talent. I used to never believe that. But, things changed as I got older, learned more, studied more, invested in my education and started to BELIEVE.

 You also have a special talent, a unique gift.

We ALL do.

This is NOT hype or bull shit. My gift and unique ability motivated me to quit my job. My stable, “perfect” job, paying 92 grand per year, ALL holidays off, full benefits, pension, etc.

Those “exterior” things certainly do sound perfect, but if you can’t surround yourself with people that inspire you while doing what you love then you are NOT truly living, you are merely existing.

And that’s exactly what I was doing.

I was existing as a teacher.

I LOVED teaching in the schools. I loved helping kids get stronger, increase their confidence and to have FUN.

And, although I am no longer teaching in a school, I AM still a teacher, I always will be.

You see, around my 6th year of teaching, things changed in a not so pleasant way. I noticed less smiles on the teacher’s faces, less passion, less energy and less of all good things that were once existing.

I remember walking into the faculty room and the teachers were eating in silence as if they were mourning. The lack of passion in the air sucked the energy out of me and hit me smack in the face. I’ll never forget that moment.

That moment my mind immediately had a ONE strong thought and feeling. I knew right then and there that my place of work HAD to change as it was sucking the energy out of me due to negativity and lack of forward action.

I have always been a passionate person, and after several years of trying to bring my training methods INSIDE the school where the athletic teams were getting beat up on, and in turn getting pushed aside, I realized that the kids were NO longer # 1 in the eyes of those who sent memos out.

Teachers have a passion for helping kids, but, sometimes, the administration puts up too much yellow tape and somehow gets what I call a “black heart”. They become numb to seeing a lack of potential and a lack of success being achieved. I felt differently and knew I could not live my life knowing that I hung around for a pay check and pension while fighting yellow tape.

I wanted to see these kids winning, achieving potential, learning the beauty of strength, experiencing the greatness that is learned from commitment to training that carries over to life.

I had a burning desire to share it. I HAD to make the move. It’s almost as if I was doing this because I KNEW this is why I was put on this earth, NOT because I had to, but because I was fucking BORN to do this!

YouTube Preview Image

If the people at the top were gonna push my ambitions aside and hurt the kids from reaching their FULL potential, then I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

When you’re your own Boss, there is NO yellow tape to cut through unless you have bull shit excuses on your own head. And trust me, you WILL have those doubting thoughts that sometimes try to stop you and convince you to be “normal”.


I LOVE that feeling of fighting against the “normal” expectations and the norms of life. I remember what it’s like to doubt and I remember how it stopped me from achieving ALL my goals and I finally said, “NO More!”

I love being able to help those who really need it and not having to follow the rules of someone who doesn’t care as much as I do, know as much as I do or is on a mission to change lives like I am.

You’ve likely experienced the same feelings, the same opposition, the same doubt and fear.

You need to fight those negative thoughts and open the door to your special talents, your unique ability as they are knocking on your door every single day, waiting for you to go full force and make shit happen.

Regarding my own special talent, I have several, as do you.

One of my special talents is transforming the lives of weak athletes.

I know exactly how they need to eat and train to turn them into BEASTS. Give me a weak kid and if he is willing to train 3 x week along with my eating plan he will become a success extremely fast.

Back when I was a teacher and running my training on the side…

I was working with a group of kids from the high school football team, the same town in which I worked. The Football team was going on a state record losing streak.

The majority of the top players were the few kids I trained from the garage.

I knew if I could help more than these 5 kids in my garage, that their Football team would achieve success.

YouTube Preview Image

For 4 years I trained athletes from the garage of my home, trying to offer my help to the team and the high school athletes on ALL the teams in the same town I worked for.

I imagined the admin would be willing to help kids avoid going through an entire high school football career without one win.

My imagination, I learned, works differently than many. This is where I learned that people felt I was too passionate or cared too much.

All ideas and help to be offered was turned down by the coaches and the admin.Yep, even the coaches in the town I worked for didn’t care to use my expertise. I would ask myself how a Coach could sleep at night knowing his team needed to get better, needed to get stronger, faster and tougher and yet they were NEVER changing the plan.

The definition of insanity was being proven to me by Coaches. I was fired UP and pissed off! My mission was to help athletes avoid my pain and I HAD to be in a place that supported this mission and in a place that truly cared for the students.

In a nut shell, I truly cared and I was working for people who did NOT truly care.If they did care, it wasn’t enough to motivate them to take action.

I wasn’t trying to stick my nose in other people’s business so I could pat my own ego on the back like many do.

I learned that there are those who are in positions of influence and power to help others and they do help others from the bottom of their hearts and then…..

There are those who are in positions to help and choose not to help, they rather brag of their hierarchy to pat their own backs. Too much ego, not enough caring.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”

– E. Nightingale

As soon as I had the guts to LIVE my mission rather than dream about it, the universe worked in a “strange” way and things started appearing in my life which helped me take the necessary steps towards living my dream.

Watch & Listen This Video, It’s Amazing ….

YouTube Preview Image

As you can see, your motivation and desire will come when YOU chase your dreams and LIVE them.

It’s ironic, because this blog is supposed to be about strength and muscle yet it always comes full circle to discussing what it takes with regards to being successful.

Successful people ARE strong and healthy people, both physically and mentally.

When Coaches began calling my gym years ago when they saw I was splitting time between teaching and running The Underground Strength Gym, my motivation to help others is what inspired me to create The Underground Strength Coach Cert.

I’ve seen several hundred Coaches now go through our Cert and they began living life more and more on their own terms, happier than before, more successful than before and Yes, they make more money than before.

This is a HUGE success because I KNOW they are helping the younger generation achieve more success, they are building a future generation of STRONG people.

The haters will say we do this all for the money. They will say how money is bad, not realizing that this is how we put food on our tables, except we have to go out and HUSTLE to make it happen, we can’t just show up and punch the clock.

A lack mentality or negative, ego driven people must be avoided. Don’t let the naysayers bring you down.


Even IF you run a gym & do what you love, can it be even better? I KNOW it can. Now that I am running 2 Underground Strength Gyms and we’re expanding and I am in Mastermind groups with other Coaches who are training 500-1,000 members, I KNOW we can all become better.

We can ALL help more people change their lives. You must be HUMBLE and PASSIONATE and willing to constantly invest in your education.

As I have learned year after year, as circumstances change you will want to grow and evolve into a greater person, because remaining stagnant will actually stress you out, there is no such thing as “good enough”. Growth is a MUST if you want to feel great about where and WHO you are.

As I evolve as a person, my business evolves as well.

I train differently and constantly upgrade our systems at The Underground Strength Gym.

The new location of our Underground Strength Gym is approx. 1 mile from my home and just shy of 1 mile from the beach. It was a dream, once upon a time, now a reality.


But, I kept focusing on my mission, took the right action steps, got involved in a coaching program and never lost sight of my focus. Opening the new gym wasn’t enough for me though. I also never felt I was good enough to settle on my knowledge and coast. I wanted to become a MUCH better Coach.

Once you think you’re good enough, you are merely existing, you are no longer truly living.

Do you have to quit your job to truly live and achieve success? NO.

However…. You DO need to move closer and closer, every day, towards achieving your goals. This requires proper action steps, strategic action steps, greater knowledge and the right attitude.

I’m moving on to my next evolution in training, business AND lifestyle.

I invite you to join me, HERE.

Whenever I find a faster way to achieve success in training, business & lifestyle I want to share with others so you can avoid my mistakes.

That is the teacher in me. I will always be a teacher AND a student. I will always strive to become better.

I suggest you do the same.

Live The Code


Please Click HERE For Details On Our Next Underground Strength Coach Cert


    • admin says

      Mike K! THNX My brutha! I imagine peeps would be MUCH happier. I still remember the faces on everyone when I would walk into their lunch. NOT happy. NOT cool!

  1. Mike k says

    Great article zach. Very inspirational. Everyone should be doing a job that makes them happy, not one that is “safe.” This article really does hot home, thank you

  2. Dustin W. says

    Have you ever come across your past employer or other teachers now that you are doing so well?
    I bet that is priceless!
    I will email you next month to let you know how things are going here. Everything is looking bright!
    Keep killing it! Needs pics of new place!

    • admin says

      DW – Yes, they’re all happy for me. Everyone was pretty bummed out in that school as the higher ups were very negative and draining

  3. Jose says

    Good stuff Zach I was going thru it last night man finally I said screw it and signed up for the cert bro life’s too short for a dull boring ass life.

  4. JD says

    Hey Zach:

    Nice post. Quick question. I know you and Joe Defranco are tight. I had planned to attend either his CPPS certification with Smitty this year or the Underground Strength Certification. I am setting up some moves to begin training fighters (from a strength an dconditioning aspect. What certification would prepare me the most or are both similiar in nature? ** I know it abroad question, but I also know that you and Joe D. are like fam who sends referrals through each other::

    Thanks in advanced

    • admin says

      I think U should find a way to do both. Pursue Excellence

      I don’t stop investing in my knowledge and I steer away from things that aren’t awesome. Between both courses the knowledge and support you will have will put you at the TOP.

  5. Andrew Lyons says

    Grateful that you relentlessly push us to live the code daily. You are right that it bridges the gap between just existing and fully living. Keep on teaching Zach!

  6. says

    Hey Zach,
    In the same boat you were in a few years ago. Teaching and just opened a gym looking to make the transition to full time coach.
    So many people telling me that I should stick with tacking because it is the safe thing to do. The pension blah blah.
    In my heart I know I am a teacher but teaching people to get strong and achieve their goals.
    I keep on blocking out the naysayers like Arnold said and just believe in myself and the future I know I will have and be giving my three kids. Thank you for all the great stuff you put out.

    • admin says

      Rob I am also very strategic in the way I operate and run my biz.

      I did NOT leave until my PART TIME biz was FAR exceeding my full time income.

      Remember, I run an online biz, very successfully, so it gave me a lot of leverage which to me is critical!

      Be smart brotha, know your numbers, that is the key!

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