13 Random Tips on Strength, Health & Being REAL


Above, The INTEK MODF Trap Bar! 

This blog post is an excerpt from my short morning emails that go out via The STRONG Life Newsletter.

I must admit, holiday shopping will kick your a**.

I am in shock at how people behave and hurt others with zero consideration.

I feel like I need a "deload" after shopping yesterday.

About 2 weeks ago I shared some tips on my birthday and received a lot of great feedback.

I believe it was 32 tips.

Today, I share some random thoughts on Mondays, or any day for that matter:

1) To have a great Monday, you must organize on Sunday. Meal prep, to do lists, organize your clothing for Monday and of course, know what you're training on Monday.

2) If you don't lift, don't tell me about what you used to do in college or "back in the day".

I am interested in learning from those who actually Do The Work. I would never tell a BJJ black belt what to do or how to do it  because I am not in BJJ training. I hear from sport coaches telling me what to do when they have zero clue what really works for the athletes I am training and, they don't train themself.

3) If you can't do pull ups, it's because you're either fat, weak or both fat and weak. Calisthenics will tell you the truth. As an athlete, 100 push ups a day should be the norm.

Add pull ups ans recline rows to your warm ups. See the many warm up / athletic prep videos inside The Underground Strength Academy for endless ideas on this.

4) Calisthenics are underrated. Big Time. I am shocked with how athletes can not do one proper push up in high school. When an athlete can not do one push up, I ask them:

  • Do you need a strength coach to do push ups? 

  • You'll get stronger at push ups when you are pissed off  for being weak.

5) Most people are not "too busy".

They simply don't want to leave their comfort zone. We all have time, including the athlete who is in season.

6) Comfort is the enemy if you want to grow.

Do hard sh-t and you'll callous your mind and body. Weakness is a choice, as is strength.

7) Sometimes you gotta go back and return to your roots in order to move forward again. And for much of today's generation, you've never gone through tough training and you need tough training in your life.


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8) It's not just about the exercises you do, it's How you do them. I drive a car but you don't see me in Nascar. Driving cars is the "Same thing", but obviously a massive difference in How we drive.

Same goes for exercises. When parents tell me their son wants to train with their friends at the local gym or they train on their own, I know exactly what's happening, they talk endlessly between sets, check their phone non stop and it's not effective. That is the unfortunate truth.

9) Work your neck. I went shopping for some holiday gifts late at night and I noticed someone was following me. When I turned around, the guy following me changed his path. My neck and overall appearance don't give the impression that I am an easy target.

Build yourself UP. Looking Strong deters criminals because you are not a weak looking target.

10) People say looks don't matter.

They do matter. Don't dress sloppy, don't look sloppy.

People will judge you.

I had two interns at my gym and all the kids questioned why they were here and how serious are they if they are fat? You don't need to be an adonis but you need to demonstrate discipline and show that you Live the Code.

11) Get some old school bodybuilding in your overall program.

You'll get stronger and look better. There is volume in these programs with tried and true basics that never let you down Even the nutrition of the 70s and prior was superior to all the BS of today.

12) Squat on Mondays.

Squats set the tone for the day and the week. Put a heavy bar on your back and do the work. Those who avoid squats (unless injured) I have found to lack grit.

If you're injured, rig up a belt squat or buy yourself a belt squat!

Video Below was a few years ago before my knee surgery.

13) There are lots of fakes out there. Be yourself.

I have learned through the decades, I believe in hard work, intensity, commitment and following through.

That's who I am.

If people don't like it, they can follow someone else who always has excuses, shortcuts and other BS.

NOT here!

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