3 Reasons Why Leg Training Builds the BEAST


I was in my early teens and training at my first "Hardcore Gym".

This gym was 7,500 sq ft. NO AC, just a bunch of stand up industrial fans.

ALL the plates were deep dish Ivanko plates and there was rumbling throughout the entire gym, blended with some old rock cassette tapes that blasted through the gym. Usually AC/DC or Metallica, sometimes Def Leppard.

The back 1/3 of the gym was lined up with leg equipment. Plenty of squat racks, 2 leg presses, 2 hack squats, 2 leg extensions, 2 leg curls, calf machines and more. You never had to go searching for more weights because every squat rack was loaded with those deep dish Ivankos.

I remember seeing my wrestling coach lifting that day and he used to do these insane volume workouts. 5 sets of squats, then 5 sets of front squats, then 5 sets of leg press or hack squats, then leg curls and leg extensions. I said to him, "Coach, you're killing the legs today!"

And he replied to me.....

"That's right, Zach! If you wanna be as big as a house, you gotta build the foundation!"

That was 1990, maybe 1991. I remember it like yesterday.

I also remember running with my older brother and my best friend. It was our "normal". On weekends we often would meet at 7 AM, for an early run. Again, we thought this was normal. Sometimes we'd go to the local park, it was huge and had hills and stairs. I would run them with my brother for 30 minutes non stop. It's amazing how fit you can be at a young age.

Kids today struggle to jog a 1/4 mile. Jogging a 1/4 mile is what we did to go to a friend's house. Running was a form of transportation for us. Hence, we were fit and strong. Kids today do not train unless told to by a Coach.

And this is why during all this COVID quarantine, we see athletes 6 months later who have not trained legs, never went running, never even did 1 bodyweight squat. It's ridiculous.

This video shares 3 reasons why Leg Training MUST be done.

But honestly, who even watches my videos? The people who need it? Unfortunately not!

Live The Code 365,


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