5 Strength Training Exercises for Men


I am about 2 weeks out of my minimalist training cycle and starting to bump up the overall volume and frequency of my training.

I have done the same with Gladiator STRONG where we went through a 6 week Minimalist training cycle during the hectic time of the holidays. Now, our next training cycle is called 'B3 Training':




You can always jump in and test drive Gladiator STRONG for 7 days FREE. Enjoy!

The video below is split between 2 training sessions.

I don't film everything I do. Honestly, I hate filming myself in training. I feel it destroys the purity of it all.

And on that note, I am unsure how much of what I post actually impacts people. These videos get a few hundred view at best. Those who get big views nowadays squat 900 lbs or have 4% body fat, and I am evidently neither.

Looking at all this from a business standpoint, I'd like to get my online certifications to a point where it keeps me off social media. Not sure if that's a possibility, as I've deleted social apps from my phone for a month and I unfortunately saw a decline in income.

Anyway, enough ranting.

Here's some free knowledge bombs for you, enjoy the video:

In the Video:

  1. Kettlebell Get Up
  2. Deadlift
  3. Military Press with Bandbell Rhino Flex Bar
  4. Squats on Belt Squat
  5. Sleds

These are NOT my top 5, but they are certainly up there.

Any Squat is a good squat for me. Front Squats, Back Squats, Zercher Squats are my favorites.

Exercises not filmed were:

  • Push Ups
  • Pull Ups
  • Bottoms Up Clean & Press
  • Various Grip Work (This made my recent Deadlifts feel much better as my grip is getting stronger)
  • Back Extensions
  • Various Ab Work
  • LOTS of Band work for Shoulder Health

Business Updates......

On January 29th, I'll be co hosting a business seminar for Strength Coaches. ALL details are HERE. I get countless questions from Coaches regarding the business side of things and I do 1 maybe 2 business seminars a year. Take action on this one!

Training Updates.....

I've been updating The Underground Strength Academy like a MadMan.

Get in there and check it out!

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Until the next time, Live The Code 365.


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  1. Rob Kurzinsky says:

    Admittedly i am terrible at posting reviews. I have done so only a handful of times, all of which have been to comment about Zach and The Underground. I am a dinosaur and not much of a social media guy, but the internet has allowed me insight into some terrific coaching minds. Zach Even-Esh being as good as anyone out there. Zach’s approach to developing athletes and human beings is well thought out, engaging, and proven to provide results. Visiting Undergroundstrengthcoach.com. is like attending a daily clinic, a ton of “golden nuggets” and valuable information. If you deal in strength and athletic development you need to dig in to the wealth of resources and knowledge that Zach shares .

  2. Keep choppin’ Z!! The positives and negatives of the socials…some days I want to “burn down” all my accounts too…

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