5 Tips To Be STRONG, Successful & Awesome


I'm fired up as I'm hitting the road to drive down to North Carolina tomorrow.

Travis Mash and I will be crushing our seminar together and the next one will be here in NJ.

My drive is going to be about 9 hours. And when I get to think about driving, I get to think about how many excuse makers there are. I question where they acquire this attitude of convenience over excellence.

I've held seminars where I flew 4, 5 + hours and people within 45 minutes driving said, "Let me know when you're in my neck of the woods and I'll be there!"

Or they didn't attend the seminar 5 minutes from them because the seminar was NOT in their own gym. Come on, that is weak.

How WEAK is that? ha ha

Others won't do something unless it's free or discounted for them.

Comments like this: "Do you give a discount for people who live in your town?"

Can you imagine getting a discount at every shop and restaurant just because you live in that town?

The world doesn't reward the weak minded. You need to exercise the mind and the body as one.

That brings me to the points of How to be STRONG, Successful and AWESOME!

1) First off, mindset is key.

When you think you deserve something and think you're a special snowflake, you are already weak minded.

You WILL lose.

Stop looking or even worst, stop waiting for hand outs.

You will not value the things that are handed to you. EARN IT.

2) Convenience Over Excellence.

This is another weak excuse many come up with. "It's too far away" or "I'm too busy".

When I hear about The President of The USA exercising I assume he is slightly busier than the excuse makers so how the heck do people lie to themselves regarding not having enough time. I can picture these excuse makers sitting on their phone for 2 hours a day when they coulda been crushing some iron.

If you can't trek outside your little radius of what is convenient then you will suffer through a life of mediocrity at best.

I recall searching every gym in my area and the local towns at age 17 and 18 for a gym that would just PUMP that music loud.

I just wanted to find a Gym where the front desk worker understood that when I had to Squat a PR, those weak commercials pumping the air waves were pissing me off and many other hard chargers.

We needed hard, loud music! They didn't oblige so I searched the next gym again and again and again....

Finally, I finally found a gym, 30 minutes away. Everyone said I was crazy to drive that far away. Looking back, I now KNOW how normal actions achieve normal results. Normal sucks.

There were probably 4 or 5 gyms within 5 minutes of a drive and I left them all because the atmosphere was weak and depressing.

I chose excellence over convenience and that changed my life.

That Gym changed my life.

3) Your Closest Friends......

This weekend, I'll be around Travis Mash, the Coaches and his Lifters. This is gonna fire me UP seeing his lifters crushing weights and being around highly motivated people.

I'm gonna see how strong they are and it will fire me UP to attack my own training. The Coaches who travel for our seminar inspire me to continue growing, sharing and learning.

Make sure your environment and your closest friends inspire you to stretch and grow to new heights.

It's amazing how simply listening to a certain podcast or reading a certain book can completely change my attitude. It reminds me to NOT waste another minute on mediocrity.

4) Information

Be picky about the information you allow into your mind.

The books I am reading, the podcasts I listen to, etc are feeding my brain and of course, same goes for you.

I recently went back to some old books I used to read and MAN, they are changing up my mindset. I am also not one to read or take in information and then do nothing. I take action because action builds momentum.

There is no such thing as lazy and successful.

No such thing as weak and successful.

Sometimes we forget about the good stuff (books, podcasts, etc) in a world of convenience where so much is a click away. You forget that you need to seek out information.

The best information rarely falls onto your lap.

Choose the information you consume wisely.

5) Opportunity

Do you know how often I tell the kids I train to do a few simple things:

- Sprints

- Calisthenics

- Eat a Strong Breakfast

I say this ALL THE TIME.

Far and Few between do these things on their own and there is a BIG diving line between those that do and those that don't.

And, like many of the 5 tips above, those 3 simple tips are also pushed to the side.

The local athletes are "too busy" yet they are a 5 minute bike ride away.

Or, people are offended when I curse here and again, as if they never heard someone curse.

I curse from fire and passion! People are offended or have a long laundry list of excuses when really, all they are doing is LOOKING for an excuse. Seek and you WILL find. The weak get weaker and the strong get STRONGER.

Opportunity is knocking for YOU right now.

Opportunity is ALL around you.

I used to drive to seminars ALL the time, taking sick days from work to get my learn on.

Heck, I would even HOLD my own Underground Strength Coach Certs when I was a teacher, either taking
a sick day on Friday, OR, all weekend seminar, boom, back to work Monday AM.

I found a way to create and achieve what I set my mind to vs finding an excuse.

Are you unable to follow your own workouts?

Need accountability?

Get on board with my online coaching program HERE. <==

Wanna be Strong, Successful & Awesome?

I'm sure you do.

It ain't free, go EARN it.

Hard Work + Smart Work = More Success.

The people you surround yourself with will make or break your attitude.

Losers hang out with Losers.

Winners have Stronger Circles.

Why do certain sport teams keep losing? They all have the same equipment and they all have coaches. The environment and the coaching is the ticket for the winners.

Change your attitude and change your actions!

OWN the day.

Live The Code 365,


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3 Responses

  1. Great stuff Zach, like always. In my monthly newsletter I’m always looking for quality coaches to highlight. I wanted you to know your article will be published in this month’s newsletter. I’m happy to pass along what you preach and would like to have you run a seminar for us in the future. Thank you.

  2. Zach,

    I recently heard you were dialing back on the social media shit, email frequency and other items that add no value to what you do. I have say I agree 100% with this. I found that it seems everybody wants something for free, don’t want to work to get it. I know you’ve put out TONS of free stuff and other items that are dirt fuckin cheap and I can say without a doubt I have taken advantage of many of your materials and your one of less than a handful of emails I actually read every time it comes out.

    Without rambling too much, you keep doin what yo do, if others don’t like it FUCK EM, if their offended somehow FUCK EM, if they want free shit, its everywhere and easy to find.

    Wish all those people could be on an island together, leaving the one’s give a shit and who’ll destroy anything in their way.. – THE LADDER OF SUCCESS IS ONLY CROWDED AT THE BOTTOM.


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