7 Common Mistakes Teen Athletes make as well as Coaches



7 Common Mistakes Teen Athletes make as well as Coaches:

1) Lifting too heavy, too often in the 1 - 5 rep range.

Grind reps do not contribute to speed, power or functional hypertrophy

This doesn't mean we never train with low reps, but, when we do, we use the proper percents / RPE to ensure we minimize grind / slow reps on the regular.

Hence why we love to leave a rep or two in the tank on barbell lifts

2) Incorrect Technique. HOW you do an exercise is a large make or break factor for Results.

There's a reason why YouTube fails exists. It's because way too many people are training like clowns with dangerous technique.

Questions to Consider:

* Is the range of motion correct?

* Is there control during the eccentric?

* Is there power during the concentric?

3) Too much bodybuilding training.

Great for the beach but the slow, squeeze & pump builds minimal strength & no power.

I never thought the mistakes I made in the early 90s would be so prominent at this day and age with all the free information available for proper strength and conditioning.

Teen athletes go to the gym and have chest day or back and bis day, most of the exercises are machines with sitting and lying down the majority of the time.

4) Lack of transverse plane training.

Sports happen in every plane of motion.

Train the body to be Strong & Agile from ALL positions, NOT just forwards / backwards + left / right.

5) Lack of Durability Implement carries of all types as well as odd object training to get Strong & Confident in awkward positions.

6) Too Much Weight Room, NOT Enough Field Work / Sprint Training / Mini Games

When you consistently chase weight room numbers, you build athletes who I describe as "Strong AND Useless" Further explained here:

Strong, Slow & USELESS | The Problem with Modified Powerlifting for Training Athletes

7) Lack of Isometric & Deceleration Training:

@Tony_Villani_ emphasizes this because with too much linear speed work & the inability to put on the brakes ("Brake, Plant, Separate") you build athletes who struggle with COD (Change of Direction).
All of our acceleration drills at The Underground conclude with putting on the brakes. This takes time for athletes to learn as well as time to get strong enough to perform.
Isometrics also help w/ COD & Build Joint Integrity / Durability! Read & Study @Caldietz work to dig further into this area......
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