8 Navy SEAL Self Confidence Tips



I just returned from a TRUE vacation. NO computer, NO phone, NO connection to the outside world except for my my wife, my kids and my in laws. I ALMOST didn't go on vacation, but, I've been going through a LOT of soul searching lately and this vacation away from my "life" was a HUGE step for me.

These 8 tips from Navy SEAL, David Rutherford REALLY spoke to me. I hope they help you as much as they helped me.....

[youtube width="640" height="390"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_dtRIf0rGY[/youtube]

My time away from "life" and my time closer to my family has brought me closer to the fact that my travels will remain close to home, at Underground HQ.




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  1. Awesome life lesson with the 8 missions. 1 disagreement though, I think 8 is the most vital of them all. What good is a direction (goal), a mentor, or anything if you are not having fun? False motivation maybe better than no motivation, but nowhere near as good as the motivation that comes from fun. I am of an old school thought, and like to assume that man, in nature, is good. Therefore, integrity is engrained into out species. Been proven wrong on that one a few times, but it is a good general assumption, which helps with the positive attitude; which, in turn shows that respect can be given from the get go to a degree, but in general, is earned no matter who you are.

    All in all, I think that video needs to be shown to everyone; especially those of school age. Maybe then there will be less people faking the funk with false front self confidence.

    1. @Will: good points, Will! Glad U enjoyed it!

  2. That is an awesome vid Zach. Thanks for sharing. Theses missions are simple but not easy. We are all a work in progress. Thanks again. Glad you got your awesome family time. See ya soon.

    1. @Daryl: hey bro, NO doubt, if it was easy we wouldn’t need to learn it…. we all need the reminders, and we are all flawed, my man!

      C U soon, homie!

  3. 125 bhuddist mong on top of the mountain levitating…hahaha awesome! 😉 awesome tips, yeah! Do it!

  4. I think the key to all of this is being selfless. People who think about others are truly confident, because they are confident in all the above areas that they do not need to check on themselves. I always try to go by the motto: “A package wrapped up in myself is a pretty small package.”

    When I give my time/efforts towards others than I am truly confident in myself.

  5. Hey Zach, how goes it? I haven’t been blog posting for a while, been taking care of those priorities and keeping BALANCE in my life, of which, I am finding many times we spend too much time with technology.

    Good for you that you took a break with fam and let the technology behind.

    As far as FROG LOGIC, can’t go wrong with what he says. It’s ironic bro, I was just watching this same video and checking him out. I forgot how I came about it a few weeks ago.

    Being retired military as you know and running my bootcamps, I try to bring in much of the military mindset like I call it to civilians I train, coach, and try to help them not only with health, strength, and overall fitness, but that BALANCE is the key, along with most important thing one can have, which is a proper MINDSET.

    Once we all figure out life is about having a positive mindset, attitude, etc.. and working toward balance, ying or yang, or whatever one wants to call it, much of the stress, pressures, and oveall chaos we feel at times will become less and less, or at least we will know how to deal and prioritize it better.

    Lastly, not to preach or throw religion into the mix for your blog readers, but recently I wrote and told cients what an old preacher conveyed to me years ago of how we should live our lives and what priority:

    1. God first in all we do
    2. Our own relationship with God
    3. Our spouse
    4. Our kids
    5. Family

    Then comes work, friends, etc….

    Now, I know this order of priority is controversial for some, but as you know from your Jewish background and upbringing, the Old Testament is huge and I am paraphrashing now, but the two most important commandments are 1) Love your God with all your Heart, Might, and Soul and 2) Love your neighbor as yourself. These two commandents cover the other eight.

    So, if a person LOVES GOD and LOVES OTHERS, all will work out…..how quick we forget the simplicity the man upstairs has provided us.

    So, whether you call it FROG LOGIC, or BALANCE, or POSITIVE MINDSET, etc…if we just put the man upstairs first in all we do and love folks even when they shit on us, the wife/husband, kids, family, goals, career/work, friends, relationships, etc…will all work out.

    I too need to work on my BALANCE and keeping to my 1-5 priority list above due to the fact my plate will be full in 2012. I will be doing a weekly column for a military magazine on health and fitness in the next month, Indoor/Outdoor BootCamps, going back to school for more on Exercise Science, Teaching some college business classes, etc…in 2012, so life will be busy. But I can’t forget what that old preacher taught me and working each day to put God first has to be a priority above all else and being more loving to those around me.

    So again bro, a huge THANKS !!!! for posting thought provoking info and making us all stop to do an inventory of our lives just like Dave “Frog Logic” Rutherford did in the video. Nothing like that to make you take look and want to be better.

    Peace and will try and stop by more often…..HOOAH !!!!

  6. hi Zach great post and great video clip. I’m lucky to have great clients which make our training sessions fun. Nothing better than when you have clients who are really fired up to achieve their goals and lap up all your advice.

    From the video clips of your Underground gym, it looks like you have clients exactly like that.

  7. John Johnson says:

    I’ve always kind of known this but never knew how to verbalize it. I couldn’t agree with this more. In addition, if you want to succeed (and I quote):
    1. Make your bed first thing daily
    2. Get a buddy to help you paddle
    3. Be able to perform at your best in the dark
    4. Sometimes you have to go head first
    5. Don’t be afraid of the circus
    6. You will be a sugar cookie. Accept it.
    7. Judge a man be his heart, not by his performance
    8. When neck deep in the mud, sing.
    9. Don’t ring the bell.

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