333 | Interview With Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell Club: Lessons from The Westside Barbell Book of Methods



STRONG Life Podcast ep 333

This is a throwback interview I did with Louie Simmons, back in 2008.

Back then, there were NO podcasts. I was using a landline to record these audio interviews for https://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com 

This was done after Louie released his book, The Westside Barbell Book of Methods. I devoured that book in NO time and could NOT put it down. 

Please enjoy and visit https://www.westside-barbell.com/ 

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For years I've been hopping on the phone with Louie Simmons to talk training methods. He understands the role of a QUALIFIED Strength Coach training athletes vs an ex Football player becoming the Football Strength Coach and bringing to the table the "same old" training that doesn't deliver results.

A Strength Coach requires an understanding of MUCH MORE than the game / sport itself.

The Strength Coach must realize his influence on the life of the athlete, understanding special strengths, understanding how to manipulate volume, intensity and individualizing workouts.... Plus MUCH more as we discuss in this interview with Louie Simmons.

Listen as Louie talks about training for athletes, special strengths, his new book & much more.

Please share this interview with your friends if you truly care about them and don't want them to remain weak!! ha ha



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The Westside Barbell Book of Methods

Details HERE


9 Responses

  1. I live in Northern KY and have traveled to a few Cincinnati/Columbus PL meets…Louie is animated and funny as hell. Great ambassador for the sport to say the least

  2. Great interview, Zach! Always love hearing from Louie. But what exactly is he doing in that picture?

  3. jason carrillo says:

    good stuff. his closing statements were great!

  4. What is that device he’s wearing? I’ve never seen it.

  5. Its for the Zercher squat (don’t think I spelled that right but whatever)

  6. J Moore, He invented it. It holds the bar for zercher squat(and front squat).

  7. this form of conditioning is the main reason why Rugby players are generally alot more fitter and even stronger than the average Amercian football player.

  8. I have learnt more from Louie Simmons about strength training than anyone on the planet. Great spokesman for the beautiful sport of Powerlifting.

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