Another Underground Inspiration Video!


David Lee, who is about to come to a USC Cert, has been sending me vids and e mails for a few months now....

The video rocks, and of course, he added someover-tone from one of the best vids out there....

I am getting teary eyed now, because I see what has become of The Underground.

I hope you cna understand my passion, I bleed the iron, and it has given me reason to live MANY, MANY times when things were toughest on me.....

I have crawled out of those holes, many of which noone on earth knows of, and now I see I am not alone.....

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these inspiration videos, perhaps you will talk about what the iron has done for you, and, perhaps you will become part of the Underground Inspiration Conest, and share your story with us, the entire world....


Keep killin' it everyone, KEEP KILLIN' IT!

In strength and honor,

--Coach Z--

PS: The rules of the Underground Inspiration Contest are here:

4 Responses

  1. ok, what can be said???? FANTASTIC work with the vid and speech, and your workouts are insane man! keep it up!

  2. good inspiration video!

  3. wow this is incredible stuff! good luck to david and same to you zach

  4. Awesome stuff Zach and boys who have made the video’s! Now that is keeping it real!!!

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