Are You Training Like an Animal?


A few years back i was introduced to Jonny Hinds, owner & creator of The Monkey Bar Gym.

Pat Miletich and I were chatting by phone and told me I need to connect w/Jonny. Pat was a former UFC champion and has coached countless greats to the top of their game in the world of MMA.

Jonny and I connected right away and he blew me away with his knowledge and wisdom of physical culture.

power wheel

We just spoke on the phone literally 15 minutes ago as he cruised around Santa Monica Beach on his bike, and we spoke about building "Natural" type gymnasiums with all types of climbing apparatuses, various surfaces for running, crawling, jumping and more.

I've always said, if I didn't live in the Dirty Jerzee and I was located in a year round warm weather location, I would NOT own a gym with a roof on my head.

It would be a mix of a playground and old school muscle beach.....with a fence around it to keep the normal people on the "outside" 🙂

You see, through my experience, I have met MANY athletes who were strong but lacked athleticism and power.

They could bench 315 but they would vomit after flipping a 400 lb tire a few reps.

They could box squat 400 + lbs but couldn't drag a sled, couldn't sprint and couldn't jump.

At my gym we have guys who weigh 250 lbs cranking handstand push ups, rope climbing, jumping on top of tractor tires 36 + inches in addition to their ability to squat, bench and deadlift.

tire jump

But, wanna know what REALLY gets my athletes souped up and gives em' goosebumps?

They recall the days of training when I did NOT own a warehouse gym.

They recall the rope climbing in the backyard, swinging sledge hammers, sprinting hills, jumping on / off picnic tables and walking on their hands across 200' of grass!

They laugh at the incoming athletes who think "today's workout" was brutal.

So, if you're not training like an animal now, when will you begin?

Make it Happen!

--Coach Z--

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  1. One of the biggest benefits from animal training isn’t just that it makes you more athletic, powerful, well-rounded (although it most certainly does all that!). It’s that, for lack of a better term, it just feels right and natural. No doubt these workouts are brutal and make me want to puke, but I still can’t wait to get to them. Our bodies and souls know that this is what they were meant to do. This combo of results and motivation is unbelievable!

  2. Love this post Zach and I totally agree…being up here in Boston is great but would love a year round warm climate to get outside and tear it up!

  3. True enough…

    Some of my toughest workouts involved a wheel-barrow full of quick drying cement. Strength and quickness were an absolute necessity or else the driveway would look like crap:)


  4. Thnx 4 droppin a line guys!

    Jesse, so right U are bruddah, it’s the PURE athleticism you build when training like an animal that makes it so kick ass!

    Callie – oh man, Boston IS cold, when I visit we’ll have to connect!

  5. Zach I agree with the natural athleticism that training can give us… when done the right and best way. Whether its outdoors or even in a gym thats more open to different ideas (which aren’t many anymore) Plus you not only boost your sport and playing power, but pulling sleds and rocking those handstand pushups and everything else you do relates more to real life training. Continued success to and every other “beast” up on here … comin at cha from Maryland!

    Keep risin to the top!

  6. Coach Z,

    Been so busy up here gettin’ some admin work done and what not so my apologies for not hollering on this post earlier!

    I love animal training! (almost as much as olympic lifts & olympic couplets) These beast mobility movements are killer! Weights and strength training are great for developing lean muscle mass, power and strength- but what I like so much about animal styles is that it strengthens connective tissue like tendons and ligaments, promotes blood circulation, muscle elasticity, muscle endurance, muscle tone, improved co-ordination and balance along with overall kinesthetic awareness.

    I have started to lengthen my own warm-up to include various animal motions such as duck walk, bullfrogs, kongs, vertical progressions, flares (that’s a new one and tough!) as well as some stablity work for my shoulders on the Lebert Equalizers.

    I have used a modified version of this with my Kettleboxing Class and had great success in terms of injury prevention, weight loss and muslce tone with the participants. The warm-up is truly one feature that everyone hates to love (maybe its just me?).

    Lovin’ the learnin’ thanks for the awesome resource, keep killin’ it Coach!

    Age Quod Agis


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