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I've been on a minimalist kick and have been saying NO to a lot more than I say Yes.

NO to podcasts, interviews, opportunities, seminars......

There is power in focus, and, I don't see many people dialed in and focused nowadays. That's a problem when you're trying to be your best.

That brings me to this point:

  • I've done a LOT of great podcasts through the years and if you are a go getter, then Google them and dig in. I've seen many of these podcasts get unshared by the podcast owner.

Perhaps people are podcasting, blogging, etc because that's supposedly the "in thing" to do.

If you're going to do something, do it and be GREAT. Go ALL in. Stop dipping your toes in the water and no more.

I want to share a few podcast episodes I've done recently and I'll try to remember to do this monthly to keep you in the loop.

I understand we're in a day and age where people are overwhelmed with information and are biting off more than they can chew.

I've announced my last LIVE USC Cert as a decision to focus more on my gyms and get back to what was always the root of my passion, which is transforming athletes into BAMFs.

I am psyched. Focus is powerful. Being true to yourself is powerful.

Listen and Learn a LOT more Here.... These podcasts culminate into their own "School of Strength".

It will only make sense when you listen......

The Power Athlete Podcast (Round 2)

The CRO (Cop) Podcast

Doc and Jock Podcast - Business & Purpose for Strength Coaches

Attack Style Wrestling Podcast

FitLab Studios Podcast w/ Doc Williams

These episodes should keep you busy for a while.... or not!?

I've learned many people have podcasts but they don't share them, they just let them collect "virtual dust" on the internet.

I'll be back next week with my own new episode of The STRONG Life Podcast so stand by.

Live The Code 365,


The Last Live USC Cert

Details HERE


6 Responses

  1. your podcast with barbell shrugged up at joe de senas place is one of my all time favorite. really digging and exploring. also not just talk but also walk, …

    also – the “alternative” fitness industry can only produce so much new context with its podcasts (man – they’ve been popping out like mushrooms the last few years!).
    instead of watching all that material – go out and play. damn it!
    cheers. sven

    1. sorry – didnt want to diss your newest podcast. its just that there’s just sooo much stuff out there and too many people are too obsessed with the newest “thäng”. thats what i meant.

  2. Zach thank you so much for all of the podcasts and information you put out! It has always been the ticket to get me through the 17hour drive to and from the oilfield and through long days on the drilling rig! Thanks again

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