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My e mails and social media messages are being taken over by questions that have LESS to do with what it takes to be strong and more to do with the shoes one should be wearing, the best belt, etc.

I've had people walk into my gym who looked like they NEVER lifted a day in their life and asked me what "training system are you using? Conjugate or linear periodization?"

The WRONG questions are being asked.

The short cuts, fads and gimmicks are being chased.

Yet there is 1 thing not enough people ask about.....


[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

Sure you CAN get weightlifting shoes or Mark Bell's Power Shoe from Reebok. Smelly's shoes probably ARE the best for Squats but even Smelly tells you straight up, be a work horse first & foremost.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

If you don't have the work ethic, the intensity and the commitment, then the shoes and all the greatest powerlifting / weightlifting gear, squat shoes, etc won't be worth a dime.

What training system do I use?

The BEST System out there! It's called HARD F**ING WORK.

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Zach Even

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  1. I’ve been considering getting olys/weight lifting shoes/whatever you wanna call them purely because I think they would help get rid of the buttwink I have during squats. Am I right about that? I’ve read tons of stuff about how to get rid of buttwink other ways but I haven’t found anything really conclusive so I’m starting to think maybe buttwink is just something I “have” so I have no other choice but to fix it via an external means.

    1. That butt wink is usually caused from 1 or both of these mobility issues:

      – hip mobility

      – ankle mobility

      The oly shoes MIGHT help avoid the butt wink by lessening your requirement of ankle mobility BUT it is NOT fixing the issue.

      Work Hip and Ankle Mob DAILY

      Nothing wrong w. Oly Shoes, BUT, work your Mobility.

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