BONUS | Zach Gets Interviewed on The Garage Gym Start Up Podcast


In this BONUS episode of The STRONG Life Podcast, I get interviewed by fellow Underground Strength Coach, David DeLeon.

David runs Of The Lion Fitness in Tx and The Garage Gym Start Up Podcast. This was a great, GREAT episode filled with LOTS of stories along with crucial training AND business tips for ANY Strength Coach.

David and I met when he was part of The CrossFit Central Team of Coaches which was the first group / team of coaches to travel for a private Underground Strength Coach Certification.  From there, I took several trips to Austin for my USC Cert Course and I always say, Austin had some of the most passionate coaches I ever met.

It's been great to see how many of those coaches have continued to coach as part of a team, managing other gyms and / or starting their own warehouse / garage gym location. Jeremy Thiel and I created The Spectrum, a business product for Coaches who want to start their own facility HERE.

The Crew after a rafting trip during the USC Spartan Mastermind.

Whether you're a Strength Coach / Gym owner or not, pay attention to this podcast. Why? Because as I always say, Success Leaves Clues!

David did a GREAT job with this podcast, asking great questions and really digging into how I overcame so many obstacles and imperfections to build The Underground Strength Gym from my parents backyard to a world renown facility with multiple locations in NJ.

Enjoy the show and TAKE ACTION!

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