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Having a powerful, bone crushing grip is one of the cornerstones of a legit, strong MAN. Heck, you might even say that being Man means you must have a bone crushing grip. You KNOW you remember the guy who always shook your hand when you were younger that had you walking away saying to yourself, "WOW, that Dude has got one helluva grip!"

Do you think people say the same thing about you? If not, then I must say, "Houston, we've got a problem".

If you're gonna use the Kettlebell drill in the video below, you're gonna need to slap on the "death grip". Crush that handle like you wanna crush it to dust! Check the video....

The bottoms up kettlebell press is not just good for the grip and shoulders in the realm of strength, but, the stability required to hold the kettlebell in the bottoms up position is great for shoulder health as well.

I've been playing with ladders a lot lately, not just with presses, but also with bodyweight training, kettlebell movements of all types such as squats, snatches and the clean and press.

The ladders have been inspired by Pavel, and let me tell ya, these workouts are fast and efficient, and also a helluva lot of FUN. It's a form of Density Training that Coach Reeve talks about HERE.

Low reps work great on the bottoms up press, anywhere from 1 - 5 reps, BUT, I usually go with higher volume on the sets to make up for the low reps.

More to come on this later, if you've got questions or comments on this drill, please drop a comment below. Looking forward to your thoughts 🙂



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4 Responses

  1. Pavels stuff is solid. I love doing ladders as well. I just prefer the reverse ladder which is doing singles until i hit my daily max and then go down in weight and increase weight accordingly each time.

  2. hey Zach, i was wondering. is it ok to do a mixture of kettlebells and body weight exercises on off days? i am 42 and dont want to over train. i am also new to the strongman type stuff and want to gain lots of mass. any suggestions? im about to start elliots LHM reloaded on mon., is that the right direction?

  3. Boris, that is also a GREAT way to hit the ladder, with the Reevrse ladder, that is great my brutha!

  4. Marc

    Follow Elliott’s program to the T – use the off days to rest my man!

    People always wanna change the program or use rest days 4 training, if you train hard u must rest hard!

    when ur ready, get his

    One step at a time, brutha, slow n’ steady!

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