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I was 23 years old and spending 2 weeks in Los Angeles as I was heavily thinking of moving out west. Every day I took a trip for a few hours into Venice, trained at the weight pit, trained at Gold's Venice, ate at the famous Fire House restaurant where I ate their very popular "Bodybuilder's Breakfast" - this was a 6 egg white omelette, a 6 oz flank steak, 3 whole grain pancakes and then I added fresh fruit on the side and a BIG glass of iced tea.

I was in heaven. Bodybuilding was my passion, and to this day, I still consider what I do to be "Bodybuilding".....after all, I am building my body aren't I?

But, on my first day in Venice, something very special and electric happened....

I walked by the original Gold's Venice and even though the doors and old windows were boarded up, the energy was flying through those walls and I felt it, BIG time!

I heard the sounds of olympic plates clanking together, weights slamming to the ground, grunts and groans as bodybuilders finished their final few brutal reps.

It was truly electric and I felt honored to simply walk by the old gym. To me, bodybuilding and strength training are a gift, and should be treated as such.

I always admired and loved the power of an electric atmosphere, and that's what we have created at The Underground Strength Gymnasium.

If you haven't found a gym that gives you goosebumps every time you walk through the doors, then maybe you need to find a new gym or simply create one in your own home... basements, garages and backyards are becoming common place for hard core lifters to create their own world of strength training and bodybuilding.

Maybe it's time you started.

Get yourself a barbell, a few dumbbells, and as you go, start adding some Underground tools as well as stones that could be found anywhere....all you gotta do is look.

Let the hard core training begin!

In Strength,

--Coach Z--

PS - No room for barbells, crunched on space, wanna see how I roll? Get yourself one of these bad boys. You'll love em', I know I do!

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