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Hey Bruddahs and Ladies... Thanks for stopping by again, I LOVE it when you visit 🙂

Below is a workout I cranked with "General Chow", a D1 collegiate wrestler.

The pace was not as furious as normal, and, please forgive my new movie making skills as I JUST STARTED working the Hollywood skills on my MAC 🙂

Check the Video and then read on....

In a nut shell, here is the run down of our combat conditioning workout:

1) Bench Press - worked up to 2 heavy sets

** Followed the Bench Press with 3 sets of Close Grip Benching x Max Reps

2) Rope Climbing - 5 sets performed in "I Go - You Go" Fashion. Held the L Seat position to strengthen the core and hips... wait, your hips are your core!!!

3) Grappler Pressing - Performed in see saw and push press style for 3 hard sets in the 10-15 rep range.

4) Superset for 2 rounds, NON Stop: Chins & Dips x Max Reps

At the end of the night I finished with grip and ab work.

General Chow used to read my training newsletters back when he was a high school freshman, stealing cinder blocks and cement bags to train as a high school wrestler in the good ol' Dirty Jerzee.

He would also have his younger bro hop on his back and sprint hills with his "Human Weighted Back Pack".

In September of his Senior Year, General Chow began training at The Underground Garage, and that year he only had 2 losses and placed 7th in the NJ State Wrestling Championships. Those 2 losses came in the state tournament.

Pretty damn good 🙂

Now, I fear General Chow, so I wouldn't mess with him, and, this is my goal for all my athletes and for you:

I want YOU to become a Bad Ass and put fear into me and anyone who gets in your way.

Got a comment on the Video or General Chow's story? Drop it below 🙂



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Nov. 14th in NJ ==>

Dec 5th in Florida with Elliott Hulse ==>

18 Responses

  1. Won’t the max rep work add unnecessary weight? Doesn’t he want to avoid that being in a weight specific sport?

  2. Nat

    not at all

    it’s a combination of increase in calories AND a moderate rep pattern, like bodybuilders use, usually in the 8-12 rep range

    With a wrestler being so active in season, packing on muscle is VERY tough


  3. mike guardiola says:

    This kind of stuff puts me in beast mode. Can’t wait ’til Dec. 5th!
    Tonight, hitting some heavy sandbag highpulls and shouldering lunges, weighted pushups, pike presses, and max chins. Then weighted ab work for some chunky square abs. hahaha!
    Keep the goods coming Zach!

  4. Zach,
    I see you put it together with Elliott after all. I wrote you a few weeks ago asking about such an event and now, here it is! Great!

  5. Love those ropes – that’s great for all round upper body strength – especially forearms!

  6. The grappler press looks awesome. How are the bars secured on the floor? Large sandbags or beanbags?

  7. Thnx Greg!

    Elliott and I are psyched for the USC Mentorship & Cert in Florida, the response has been awesome and I am not surprised, Elliott is gonna kick ass!

    Hope to see you eventually bruddah!

  8. Dom – for the upper body as a whole, the rope climbing is freaking amazing!

    The entire pulling musculature plus hips and abs get hit hard on these.

    It’s waaaaaaay tougher than doing pull ups!

    I used to have one hanging in my backyard from a thick tree branch, myself and the athletes would climb it!

    I miss those days!

  9. Z,

    Dude those MAC video m aking skills are totally fine.. and when you REALLY have the hang of the Mac.. dude that stuff will be HollYWood..

    wanna get a mac myself .. maybe my birthday

    Some good hard shiz there too… and the rope stuff is wicked.. I’m gunna be installing another in my spot and another set of rings..

    P.S. Anyone thinking about going to Zachs Cert… it kicks Ass and Dec 5 with Elliott will be Bad Ass!

    Keep em comin Z,



  10. Ronaldo_Thailand says:

    amazing(for me) great work!!

  11. i can see why he turned into a beast!
    those ropes look killer and that dip and pull up combo is just awsome, am definetly gonna eat some of those today, haha
    keep it up Z



  12. Hi again Coach!

    I would love to hear something about the nutritional guidelines for the athletes at your gym?

    Keep up the good work! Love to read your blog!

  13. Walter Dorey says:

    Nice workout!

    Nothin’ like gettin’ rough-n-tough!

    I’ve put my wife on my back before and ran up bleachers. Just got to be real careful you don’t fall!

    ran as best I could with her on my back around a track before, also, but…

    the hardest thing with someone on my back was carrying my wife sitting on my shoulders. Most of her bodyweight was above my shoulders, so the leverage as you walk is reacting mightily with your entire torso.

    The next day my entire torso felt like it had been worked over with an axe handle!

    Try it!

    Using a sandbag or barbell is not the same because all the weight is right at the shoulder. Carrying someone sitting on your shoulders adds a lot of weight above the head. And the weight is live as the person moves around trying to keep their balance as you walk.

    A good substitute would be carrying a slosh pipe overhead in the snatch position. Or even a weighted barbell in the snatch position. Then walk around. You will soon see what I mean.


  14. Nice work, tough stuff !!!

  15. Walter – damn bruddah, U never cease 2 amaze me w/your craziness! Sounds like a lil influence from dan gable how he had his guys go p stadium stairs w/partners on their backs

    Warrior Monks did this as well!

  16. Adam – hey bruddah, rings and ropes…a must in any serious gym!

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