Comfort is The Enemy (In Training)


If you've been following me for some time, you've likely heard me use the phrase, Comfort is the Enemy.


Let me expand on this.

Comfort is the Enemy..... IN TRAINING.

But, what about Life?

Should life always be a struggle?

Should life always be uncomfortable?

It depends (of course!).

Some people, like my friend Joe DeSena, find happiness when pushing and being uncomfortable.

Others, need more flow and more happiness in life.

So it depends, very much like training. HOW I train someone depends on many factors, both physically and psychologically.

I personally LOVE training hard. It cleanses my mind and soul. My wife encouraged me to take a Yoga class and I told her, my Yoga is when I put a heavy bar on my back and stretch down low. I find peace through the struggle of training.

When training athletes, I find that MANY of them struggle during tough times. So, their training needs to be tough so they can develop the grit to help them succeed in sports AND life.

You can experience our style of training from The Underground Strength Gym HERE and HERE.

The truth is, LIFE is TOUGH. If you're not mentally prepared for the tough times of life, you will get destroyed bu the world. People are mean and the world can be ruthless. My training callouses and strengthens my mind. My business gives me the freedom to NOT be a slave to anyone or anything.

What about Comfort in Life?

I am NOT chasing struggles in my life. Instead, I am seeking what makes me happy, seeking what gives me the most free time and the ability to play. Essentially, I thought back to when I was a kid during the Summer time. The freedom of Summer time as a kid is what I seek as an adult. Hence, I build my business to give me the lifestyle of as much freedom as possible.

Here is some food for thought for you with some more resources below:

Training & Crafting Your Life is NOT for the Short Term

Pressure is a Privilege. If you don't train to be TOUGH, then Life will Kick Your A**.

Ultimately, whether training for sports, career, etc - we must ALL be training for LIFE.

Until the next time.....

Live The Code 365,


The Underground Strength Academy

2 Responses

  1. Coach BigD says:

    Great post! The harder you push the more rewarding the peace can be. Last weekend we cut down and shucked trees to build a log cabin on our family land. A dream of my parents and one we enjoy helping with. Cutting, hauling, shucking was brutal but the burgers on the grill after a long day of work tasted so good. Our beds felt like clouds and the shower was Amazing. There is beauty in suffering! It makes the reward (no matter the magnitude) even more grand!
    Keep grinding!

    1. Big D wait until you listen to my podcast w Jesse Ackerman.

      He has a GREAT story on the reward of hard work.

      I recently shared this podcast:

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