Conditioning Workouts That Toughen the Mind AND Body


I got fired up to attack some conditioning workouts after my man, Joe Kenn, aka HOUSE aka BIG DAWG created a new IG account, Meathead Metabolics.

I love ALL types of training but my Right Knee has been an issue and running pains me. So, I find other methods to raise the heart rate without pounding the knees.

Below are a few conditioning workouts that serve a purpose of hardening the mind and body. A good ol' gut check if you will.

I think we need these once a week. Comfort is the enemy so get ready to get comfortable being UNcomfortable.


So simple yet so effective. Crawls and Carries.

Some other simple yet powerful combinations are carries, sleds and calisthenics:

6 Rounds:

A) ANY Carry (KBs held in various positions, Keg, Sandbag held in various positions, 1 Arm KB or DB carries, Heavy Med Ball Carries)

B) ANY Sled (Push or Pull, Heavy or Light, Drag or Sprint)

C) Bodyweight Push on Odd Sets, Bodyweight Pull on Even Sets

Bodyweight Push Examples: Push Ups, Ring Push Ups, Dips, Med Ball Cross Over Push Ups

Bodyweight Pull Examples: Recline Row, Pull Up, Rope Climb

I challenge you to get busy and attack a circuit of some sort once a week. Get the heart rate pumping and stay out of your comfort zone.

Post your most recent Gut Check or Meathead Metabolic workout in the comments below. Give everyone some ideas to go and attack.

Looking forward to seeing your workouts posted below!

Live The Code 365,


2 Responses

  1. Brian DeFiebre says:

    Zach you crack me up! “How old do I feel…?”
    Here’s one I use myself and for my fighters, Kettlebell carries Low 2 High:

    Use 2 KB’s, try to go no rest. You can switch at each end or each “lap”. We go 50-75 ft and back.

    2 KB farmer carry
    1 farmer/1 rack (do each side)
    2 KB rack
    1 farmer / 1 overhead (do each side)
    1 rack / 1 overhead (each side)
    2 KB overhead

    I’ve also done it with a sled drag between each carry.

    Like Clubber Lange said, “Bust you up. ”

    Later Z!

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