Dan Gable Life Lessons On Kickin’ Ass & Takin’ Names (Opportunity)


"When There's An Opportunity In Front Of You, Take It."

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A few Years ago I spoke at The CrossFit affiliate gathering.

It was a life changing weekend for me and an honor to be invited to speak and share the stage with some of the most amazing Coaches & athletes in the world.

I spoke about opportunity to the several hundred Coaches in the audience.... and although I remind others about taking advantage about opportunity, even I forget, that opportunity is always knocking, it's always all around us, yet all too often, we miss it, for some strange reason or another, we let opportunity pass us by.

At The Underground Strength Gym we teach these kids about LIFE through training, it's NOT just about getting better in sports. If you're a Coach, you must step up and do this yourself - you MUST take it to heart that you can help young kids become champions of today AND tomorrow.

Dan Gable has been a Coach to me ever since I came across his VHS tape, Competitor Supreme.

[dailymotion width="640" height="360"]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xyg7ct_dan-gable-competitor-supreme_sport#.Ua1Xh-tAubI[/dailymotion]

Whether you wrestle or not, there is MUCH to be learned from Coach Gable.

Here is what I want you to do right now:

1) Take out a sheet of paper.

2) Write down a BIG goal you want to achieve within the next 30 days.

3) Write down a list of all the opportunities you can take advantage of (ONLY Ethically, Nothing Unethical) and take action with to help you achieve this BIG goal within 30 days.

4) With your list of opportunities, create a plan of ACTION with 3 things you will do every day to ensure you achieve your goal!

Opportunity is Knockin'.... Are You Taking ACTION!!??

Live The Code,




8 Responses

  1. Wrestle Tough is a great book, and must read for everyone! The stories about Dan Gable are awe inspiring!
    I watched a video of his a while back where he was training in the winter in a barn. Punching a bag and talking at the same time.
    He was talking about the value of pushing yourself. Not for sport but life.
    He talked about a Cross country runner that almost recorded a 4 minute mile, but pulled up at the end because he was tired, was winning already, and didn’t feel there was any reason to push himself. He won the sport, but did not learn a lesson on life.
    Sometimes you will be tired. You might think you are winning. Don’t feel like taking that extra step. B.U.T (Behold-Untold-Truth) you have to IF you value life.
    Great stuff Z!

    1. DW I can’t believe I havent read that book in full yet!

      1. Pg. 80-81(Bottom of 80 to 81), pg 22 The Russian wrestler quitting because Gable pushed him too hard, pg23 Winning the Worlds then running for hours the next day.
        Ah hell! Look at the back of the book and find all the Gable sections. Definite good read. From being a competitor to being a coach he is amazing!
        The above are some of my favorite glimpses.
        Good book cover to cover!

  2. Frank, you’re the man!!!

  3. Manuel hernandea says:

    Dudes, check this out. Wrestling hard the book, written by Mike Chapmans right? Well I am in pagosa
    Springs for iowa wrestling camp. Mike Chapman is good friends with the coach of the team and is here with us right now. Terry Brands AND MAT MCDUNAUGH and other Iowa wrestlers. Anyway
    Don’t mean to brag, just wanted too share.

    1. Manuel

      Awesome, brotha!!! Keep us posted on camp!!

  4. Manuel hernandea says:

    Hey zach camp was awesome! Terry brands said if you want to be a state champ, you need to put it in your head and train like a champ. If you lose your match,you lost it 6 months ago in practice when your mentality was not there.

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