Deadly Dads Deadliftin’


I've become stronger in mind AND body since becoming a Dad. Something about being a family man pushes me and other Dads to become stronger than ever before.

Not all Dads do this, some fall off the wagon and become lazy, fat pieces of sh*t and have a million and one excuses as to why they have become weak.

In fact, it has happened countless times, where some fat ass Dad says to me, "I used to look like you. Then I got married, had kids..... You'll see, it'll happen to you."

The fact of the matter is, NO ONE is just like me. I've gotten up well before the sun was shining to lift heavy weights, or, have stayed up till midnight to get in a lift. I don't make excuses, I make things happen.

Check out a select few Deadly Dads Deadliftin. We ain't your ordinary crew of Dads, that's for damn sure!

If you're a Deadly Dad, drop a comment below and tell us why you continue to be a BEAST!

Lead from the FRONT!


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46 Responses

  1. Chris Atkins says:

    As a “deadly dad” I feel as though it is crucially important for me to push myself to be as strong and as lean as possible so that I can protect my wife and daughter. I take that role very seriously and work my butt off- no excuses, just work.

    In the past month I have dropped 14 lbs of body fat by pushing myself even harder during my training sessions, and by improving the “fuel” I put in my body. I am stronger, more athletic and leaner than I have ever been- at the young age of 27.

    Thanks Coach for being such an awesome resource and role model to us dads out there.

  2. Mike Guardiola says:

    Having a son is pushing me to even higher standards. I have to lead by example. Laziness breeds laziness. I want my son to see me doings chins from an oak tree, throwing stones and pulling super heavy loads until that last ounce of mental and physical strength is squeezed out. Zach I know that’s how you roll and this site continues to lead by example.

  3. Bruce Kelly says:

    Good stuff; that one dude is hydraulic with the deadlifts. Don’t lift quite that heavy anymore but I have 20 years on all of you and I’m a grandfather. Love all variety of deadlifts: sumo, trap bar, etc.

  4. It is quite disheartening to see so many dads just let themselves go and grow a front butt. Life will never be comfortable, but if you are determined to be in the best shape of your life it can happen. I feel like I have to set the example if I want my kids to be healthy. Get it in or go home.

  5. I keep working out hard to provide an example for my kids, my health and because I’m so competitive that I’m determined to not let them beat me in a race for as long as I can. It’s getting closer but I’m holding them back ; )

  6. I just did deads yesterday….you freaks gonna make me go do it again today…WTF (-;

  7. How’s about so you can be there for your kid’s as they get older. Your kids are going to be a product of their invironment. Fat ass dad = fat ass kid’s. Pay attention to the families around you, you’ll see. Keep it up Z.

  8. I agree Man, screw that, these guys are awesome!

    I have 3 kids, was a single father of two, and I was a fat slob. All it took was dedication and a good plan, and I lost over 90lbs of fat and am still building muscle today. The kids don’t get in the way, they give you a reason to do more.

    You’re absolutely right, it’s about excuses, their easier than hard work, but hard work pays off and it feels a hell of a lot better.


  9. I am not an old father I am 19, but I continue to lift so that way I can be a role model to my son. I want him to know me as being a beast that way he and I can share that together.

    P.S. Zach, your the shit!

  10. Zach,

    Great post! I am a 38 year old father of five and married for fifteen years (and counting). I am a cop and a SWAT operator. My obvious motivation for fitness is my work and ultimate safety but there is much more out there to motivate. Ultimately our children will emulate our actions and if we show them the right path and be living proof of its benefits, they will make the right decision. You are speaking the truth when you write about the multitude of dads that just stop taking care of themselves and use the typical excuses for their lack of motivation. Those dads who don’t know me will ask what I do to take care of myself and when I describe my weekly routine they say,” That will change once you have kids”…then I drop the “5 kid” bomb shell on ’em. They all whine and complain about, including but not limited to, having a bad back, bad knees or no energy. At that point I tell them that they hold the power to make the change for the better, but they don’t wanna hear that. So I move on, getting stronger and more fit. Zach, thanks for the dad recognition there is a lot of us out there working hard for ourselves and our families. Some would say its going above and beyond the call of dad duty but I call is a typical Tuesday.

  11. I’ve had severe ulcerative colitis for the last 4 years and time and time again my doctors have told me that I would not be competing again and I would not be big or strong. Maintaining size has/is very difficult but I have competed and have set PR’s in every single lift since. Being a stay at home father and director/owner of more than one private businesses, I have to manage my gym time very carefully. 7 days a week I’m responsible for my 2 year old son from the time he wakes up in the morning till the time he goes to bed. 95% of the time he is by my side in everything that I do. I love that little guy (everyone who seems the thousands of pics I post on FaceBook will know this) but the few hours a week I get to escape to the gym is the time where I can flip the mental switch in my brain and become psycho, so when I come home I can have the patience of Job.

    Clint Darden

  12. Go the deadly Dads!

    I become a Dad for the first time 10 weeks ago. It’s so amazing. Man does the lack of quality sleep affect training, but I’ve continued to train and max strength as only slightly decreased. I’m happy to have maintained ~5% body fat though.

    Keep on deadliftin ¦-)

  13. Zach – That was some awesome lifting! Although for the past few years I’ve been focusing on KBs…recently got bit by the heavy iron bug again(although the 40 Kg KBs have been keeping me interested for a while). Moved the olympic bar and 45’s out to the garage and have been DL’ing in the yard since I don’t want to worry about the 2nd floor rafters of my house! Motivation? I’m turning 49 in a few months and have a 2 yr. old. I have no choice!! Nor would I have it any other way!!!

    Thanks for introducing us to Martin Rooney.

  14. That’s sick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone deadlift that much that fast before. My 405 looks more like Martin’s. Awesome video Zach!

  15. Dan Gibson says:

    Such a great video. I get so tired of hearing people say “When I was 18….” Which pretty much means those people spent the first 18 years living and the next 50-60 years dying talking about the “old days”. I’m 31 years old. I’m pretty strong and I’m only getting stronger. As a Dad of four kids my attitude reflects on my kids. If they came home to a lazy fat Dad then it would be no surprise when they mirrored my actions. Instead we are a physically active family they practically live outdoors and they have good self esteem. I want to show my grand kids correct wrestling technique when I’m 80 years old and then some. So I have no plans of taking the deadlift off of my list or slowing down anytime soon. Keep up the great work.

  16. Im 36, happily married for 14 years, 3 awesome kids and hitting new PR’s on all my lifts right out of my garage so my kids can watch. Make it happen guys!!

  17. I continue to be a BEAST b/c it’s not about me. I have to be the example to my kids, family and all of my clients.

  18. AWESOME Zach and the deadly Dads!!!! I’m in the runnin’ for the deadly dads myself Bruddahs! Trainin’ tonight at THE V-CENTER! Mixin’ it up w/ supersets Clean N’ Press w/ the long bar to 2 handed KB front swings to Bent DB Rows – that’s set one
    set two: Long Bar Full Squats (ass to ankles) to Simgle DB Squats on Cinder Blocks (holding DB upright by the bell btwn the legs)Angled Leg Press to KB Front Squats…Vincenzo Pappano / THE V-CENTER

  19. God I hate it when people talk to me about how they used to be strong, used to be cut, blah blah…Do they really think I care? Or when old guys tell me that I will lose my strength/muscles when I get older. F*** you. You don’t know me. I don’t plan on being some lazy fatass at any point in my life. May not be a father yet (only 20 so thank god haha) but even when/if i have kids, why should that change my life? People just look for excuses. Simple as that. Don’t let people who think like that be around you. They just want to drag you down to their level. Surround yourself with good people with positive attitudes.

    Chris Neff

  20. Joe Martin says:

    Hell yeah! I feel the exact same way man! Since I’ve become a dad I’ve kept in great shape and started making a ton more money. It’s a primal motivation to want to protect and take care of the needs of your family. No excuse not to.

  21. Amen to that! Excuses are for the weak chuckers who get dominated by those who crush it everyday! Joe I agree with you there is something special about a real man who is willing to do what it takes, to keep himself in great shape so that his wife and family can rely on him and being always there for them.

  22. People piss me off. Since becoming a father, I never miss the gym. In fact, my results have been so good that my lazy friends swear I’m on something. Nobody around me pushes as hard as I do. I hate excuses. One guy tried my workout, quit in the middle, and returned to his non- productive routine. The others won’t even show. Also, it is an insult when Simone states that were as muscular or strong as I am now. F****** liars!

  23. Dude, that guy Rich has some insane explosive strength! Unreal!
    Thanks for this post Zach… it’s so true that many father’s (and mothers, to be fair) will use parenthood and lifestyle changes as an excuse to let their bodies and health rot away into flab. I have to admit that the first 6 months or so of fatherhood did drain me of all of my energy reserves and rob me of sleep, but I still managed to train a couple of times a week.

    But over the last year I’ve felt a renewed drive and passion for training and I’ve been attacking my workouts like never before! In fact I’ve made a public pledge to get into the best shape of my entire life this year. I owe it to myself, my family, and my clients!

    By the way, the MOS program you and Smitty put together ROCKS!

  24. oh yeah, gotta love the deads. if your kid sees his dad on the couch drinking a beer he will start doing that, but if he sees his dad deadlifting, well its the start of a good thing!

  25. Hungrier, stronger and still agile gentleman…even at 41 and a father of a 19 year old college attending son! Stronger now then when I was 31…

    Always appreciate the motivation and cranking things up fellas.

  26. yep i’ve heard the same thing for 20 years now. what these people fail to realize this is a lifestyle for us. this isn’t something i started doing so i could meet women in the gym,this goes way beyond that. btw the way i work out @ home. gyms don’t deserve my attention anymore,its more a social club than a gym.

  27. Right on Zach! Nothing gets me more pissed off than the dudes who tell me they used to be able to train like me, eat like me without having to worrry about it, be as strong as me, etc. And the one that really puts me over the top is, “Enjoy it while it lasts.” I will. All through my thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond.

    Keep lifting strong brother!

  28. You know I hate to hear that excuse too. Especially since I’m in the Army I hate to hear that bullshit excuse. And I’ve heard it countless times from dudes in the Army. It ain’t even about being a Soldier necessarily. It’s about being a man. A man who protects his family and his fellow comrades. Joe Martin coined it just right. “Primal motivation”. Since having kids I’ve had a fire lit up under me to step up my game and to be honest Underground Training has pumped me up all the more to bring it. As you say, Zach, and Audi Murphy said “Lead from the Front.”

  29. Easy, peasy!
    Jump out of bed 05:30 quick work work, ready to go by 6~6:30 Plus makes me very proud when I’m at the park, river or playing sport any my kids tell you how all their friends dads are fat and never do anything with them.

  30. Garry Atkinson says:

    Hell yeah still a beast and warrior Dad. Love lifting heavy and knowing that I am strong. My kids love to have a strong DAD

  31. Don McCrystal says:

    dude – I love your emails, but this one really hit home for me since I’m 47 years old and refuse to get old, and refuse to get out of shape, and I hear the same comments you mentioned. People say “I used to lift this” and “I used to be in great shape” And I say, that’s ancient history.

  32. Wow guys, thnx 4 all the comments, amazing how many Dads we have here pushing way past the norm!

    Don, thanks for reading my e mails, glad you dig them!

    I am honored by all of you reading and enjoying them!


  33. Frank, VERY impressed that at age 19 and a Father, you’re taking the road less traveled and pushing to become a role model and not bailing out

    At age 19 I was not a Dad and it’s NOT an easy trek, so keep at it bro, we’re here for your support!


  34. Jon Schultheis – always honored you stop by brother and forever grateful for the gifts of Dino Files and Dr Ken Videos!

    Hope to see you stopping by again, brother!


  35. Great video!

    How many guys peaked when they were 18-20 yrs old? At 33 and 2 kids I want my best years in front of me both physically and professionally.

  36. beastly training is what i do. its what i’ve always done. now my kids participate as much or as little as they want, but they know dad is strong and he doesn’t give up, and ONLY the HULK is stronger than dad.

  37. I continue to be a BEAST cos I don’t wanna use my family as an EXCUSE for me not staying FIT & HEALTHY. That’s just not cool!!! Plus I’m no use to anyone if I allow myself to turn into weak pile of shit.

  38. 52 year old father of three. My two teenage boys, 17 and 15, must see an example.

    I am training both of them as my first two trainees. They are seeing great strength improvements from following simple Underground Strength methodologies.

    The question is why wouldn’t you want to be stronger?

    You are only as strong as your last workout. Live on, be strong.

    No rules, No excuses!

  39. Damn, I
    just can’t get the technique right. I seem to be using my lower back a lot. Is that a problem? Please help!

  40. Congrats to all the Deadly Dads that have posted here. I am glad to see that there is actually an ARMY of dads out there that haven’t fallen prey to the sofa and TV.
    Strength is not limited by age or the number of kids you have, but by the attitude you develop as you age and raise your cubs. Instead of letting it weaken you, let it make you stronger.
    Dads, with the right diet, the right amount fo sleep and the right training, you are all unstoppable for a long time!!!!
    “If you want to have more, you simple have to become more!”

  41. You are so right about people and their multiple piss poor excuses. These out of shape fat slobs are all over. Man up and hit the gym. There is no excuse for not training. Inside, outside, there are options. Make time for your health. DON’T tell everybody your excuses. There are f…ing wimps everywhere.

  42. Clement, the deadlift is a TON of lower back, and if you do too many sets of too high reps or weight you are unable to utilize with proper technique your back will be hammered.

    A few heavy sets of 1 – 3 reps on a deadlift is plenty!

    for now, stick to light or medium weights and do sets of 3 reps and tighten up your technique!


  43. I’ve got a 5 month old son and work shifts that don’t see me get home till 11pm and then sometimes up again at 5am. People around me winge about not getting the time yet can squeeze in 4 hours of TV in the evening. If I’m looking after the boy and he is asleep, I may crack out some kettlebell work in my kitchen as well as some body weight exercises. When I’m in the gym I make my workouts shorter but more intense, so I can get home to see the family. My conditioning has improved with these short and sharp workouts.

    No excuses, don’t be like the rest, make things happen.



  44. Awesome Zack!

    Being a strong dad is all about being strong physically and emotionally because we can’t afford to allow our bodies to break down when we have our family depending on us.

    Just the other day my 2 year old daughter dragged my gym bag out of the closet and said Matea and Daddy goin’ to the gym!

    Gotta love it, liftin’ and lovin’ ūüėČ

    Stay strong brutha!

    Sean Barker

  45. To be able to do things with the kids, not watch them doing things!To set them a good example let them see that age is not excuse, you and still train and improve. If it comes down to training at night or early in the morning, if the kids see you do it, they know it can be done, despite what other people tell them!BECAUSE YOU HAVE DONE IT FOR YEARS ! Even if some of the yougsters can do more than you, dont make it easy for them….
    Dont just lead by example, live as an example.

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