Growing, Evolving & Improving As A Human BEING | Mike Bledsoe


STRONG Life Podcast Ep. 113 with Mike Bledsoe from Barbell Shrugged.

Mike and I met a few years ago when he invited me to Miami to speak at WODAPALOOZA on behalf of Barbell Shrugged.

Since then, we've evolved.....

We've done Strength projects together, podcasts together and got crushed by Joe DeSena in Vermont while helping Joe with his first book, SPARTAN UP!

This conversation digs deep into how Mike and I are evolving, changing, growing and most of all, allowing this growth and evolution to happen.

Mike & I discuss the following topics:

- Why we both took time and STILL take time to disconnect from technology

- How we continue to evolve in both business and life

- Why change is good

- The importance of your inner circle / social circles / environment and how they influence your mindset, actions and thoughts

- Coaching others while avoiding the common stress loop that comes with trying to help others

- Crafting a Vision for your Business AND your Life

- If you're feeling stuck, what are some of the best things you can do to grow as a Human Being vs Human DO-er

- Our thoughts on Masterminds

- The Power of being YOU

- The personal mistakes I made in my early days of Business and how I fixed that mistake

- How to lead your team and stay on track for Living your Vision

- How Mike organizes business partnerships with his gym while living in another state

- Why I turned down a "Gym Business" interview recently

- What is the future of technology & the fitness industry

- The mindset you must have to continue your growth as a business owner and person



I had a blast talking LIFE with Mike.

Seeing Mike evolve and grow through the years is refreshing. The way to grow is to move forward, to evolve and to be YOU.

The "Business of YOU" doesn't have to remain the same.

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One Response

  1. Always love hearing Mike, also miss hearing Chris.

    Great content as always Zach, thank you.


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