Dare to be GREAT, Work Ethic & Spartan Lifestyle with Jason Woods


STRONG Life Podcast episode 124 with 19 yr old, Jason Woods.

Jason traveled to NJ for The USC Cert with Travis Mash and I, flying here from Scotland.

We got the podcast rolling as I drove him up to the train station and man, this was a blast! Rather than a typical interview, we simply recorded our conversation in the car and we chatted up some inspiring stuff.

My throat was destroyed with pollen so apologies for the clearing of the throat! The content and adventure in this episode will make up for it ūüôā

We had a blast chatting it up and here are some of the topics we discuss:

- Work Ethic as a 19 year old compared to what we see today in people, regardless of age

- How did Jason earn the money to travel to NJ from Scotland?

- How Jason is training as he prepared for The Spartan Agoge 60 hr challenge

- Discussing Injuries and how to work around the injuries / how not training turns us into Monsters (in a negative manner)

- The first experiences I had with Kettlebells, who I learned from, where I bought them and what were my first thoughts upon grabbing the Kettlebells.

- How I lost almost 30 lbs with The Warrior Diet

- How the explosion of the internet and information has made it difficult for me to keep up with the right people

- How and who Jason & I learn from off the internet, including my early days off some very unique experiences

- A quick story of how I sometimes drive through an old town to remind where I came from, where I could have wound up and the time I got jumped by 10 a--holes

- Some of the odd jobs I've held down to keep moving forward and learned a lot from.

- Thoughts on mental toughness, 1 of the most overused phrases out there

We dig into a lot more so get your learn ON!



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