STRONG Life Ep 128 | QnA: Training Methods for Different Athletes, GREAT Books & Being Owned By No Man!


In STRONG Life Podcast ep. 128, I have an awesome time answering your questions and as always, my answers expand into multiple topics and conversations.

Training questions end up becoming answers about life, business questions become answers about training.....

Here's some of the topics / questions discussed:

- GREAT books I am reading that I want you to read.

- My thoughts on the crazy shock & awe type marketing in today's day and age & why I want Nothing to do with that BS.

- Why I train athletes differently, be it male or female, different personality traits and digging into the intangibles of coaching that are near impossible to write about.

- Physical Readiness in Training VS Mental Readiness in Training.

- How I train undersized athletes who do not follow through on the nutrition guidelines.

- How & why I still go back and use the bodybuilding methods of The Golden Era for athletes and myself.

- How I am training now and why I program my online workouts in a certain way

- Is Physical Education failing kids? How does this change my thoughts on athletes using machines and going to "globo gyms"?

- How Strength Coaches / Sport Coaches can connect with their athletes on a deeper, more meaningful level to create that "buy in" we hear about so often.

- Program Design methods for athletes that are different than what the science says is the right / wrong to train someone.

This QnA was a blast.

I cover more topics so make sure you dig in and give a listen. I love these QnA episodes because I feel I am really helping you, speaking on topics that YOU requested.

I appreciate your support BIG time. If you can share this episode with 1 friend, that would be GREAT.



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