141 | Find a Way VS Finding Excuses | Jerred Moon


STRONG Life Ep. 141 with Jerred Moon.

I had a blast talking life and lifting with Jerred and I was on his podcast about a year ago.

We got into the common question of "Is there a substitute for ______?"

NO, there are no substitutes, this is life, FIND A WAY!


- The DIY Philosophy in training AND life.

- How Jerred found a way to train hard, even during his 12 hrs of daily training in The Air Force, going through flight school.

- What was in Jerred's first Garage Gym?

- Work / Life Balance? What about balancing training, family, business, "real job" and more? Here's how.....

- How did Jerred transition his online business from part time to full time AND move his family to a new state?

- What's the one thing most American families have at home but Jerred does not?

- Favorite books and mentors Jerred has had to grow his business?

- Zach discusses the garage gym lifters of the early 60s as well as his early influences to keep the garage gym pure and alive.

- Why Jerred programs a TOUGH training session once a week and Zach shares his lessons leaned from Louie Simmons back when he was running The Underground Strength Gym from his garage.

- 3 Things Zach believes should be the cornerstone of your training.

- How Jerred starts his day to be highly productive vs stressed and finding excuses / blame

- The story of the Wolves and being a Better Human Being.

- How Jerred leverages his time and continues with "self development" while being a busy family man, entrepreneur and continuing to push forward and make progress.

- Zach's thoughts on old gyms vs new gyms and how it has changed the results many get (or don't get).

Enjoy the show & please share with friends! Thank YOU!



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Resources & Show Notes:

Jerred's Website: End of Three Fitness

Jerred's Book on Amazon, The Garage Gym Athlete

Article Discussed: Be The Wolf

The Wolves of Yellowstone National Park


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