STRONG Life Ep 232: Dustin Myers: Wrestling Strength + The Art of Strength Coaching


STRONG Life Podcast ep. 232 with my man, Dustin "Gut Check" Myers.

This is the 2nd time I've had Dustin on The STRONG Life Podcast and this time around we pulled the audio and video from my Instagram.

The last minute or 2 somehow got cut off so enjoy every minute of what we deliver.

Dustin and I talk about a variety of different topics relating o strength & conditioning. Here's just some of what we cover in this episode:

- What did our early days of training and eating look like when we were teenagers?

- What jobs did we have as kids that taught us the blue collar mindset work ethic we have today?

- How the older magazines from The Golden Era & prior still inspire us to this day

- How to blend the science AND art of coaching together

- After training for 30+ years, coaching for 20+ years, what is the "Coach's Eye" and how can you develop this depth of knowledge?

- Use of the Conjugate system with exercise selection to avoid overuse injuries

- Why athlete belief / buy in is CRUCIAL for your program to be effective

- What is the 1 BIG change I've made in the past 10 years as a Coach

- Why you MUST command the room as a Strength Coach to achieve GREAT results with athletes

- Home Gym training with COVID-19 shutting down the gyms

- How athletes need to prepare NOW while at home to minimize chances of injuries when they return to sports practice and competition

Enjoy the show and please share & review on Apple Podcasts! Thank YOU!


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60lb SANDBAG BURNER 🔥 RDL - 5 O.H. Back Lunge - 3/3 BODYLOCK GOOD MORNING - 5 ZERCHER SQUAT - 5 X 5 continuous rounds Try to make it all the way thru 5 rounds with minimal rest in 5-6 minutes. If you need to rest between rounds keep it around 10 seconds before you pick it back up. ⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️ This mornings roadwork: 800m warm up -2min rest 800m 2:48 -5min rest 800m 2:57 -2min rest 800m cool down There’s not many workouts that make me want to quit but this was one of them. Keep in mind the loop I run these on has a fairly significant 100m hill on the backside curve. Looking forward to getting some track work soon. #homeworkout #strengthcoach #flowrestling #dadbod #conditioningtraining #sandbagtraining

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