241 | Fergus Connolly: We’re Coaching PEOPLE, Not Athletes


STRONG Life Podcast ep. 241 with Performance Coach & Consultant, Fergus Connolly.

This was a GREAT conversation that lasted over 2 hours and if neither of us had to go, we would have kept on going!

Fergus has worked at the D1 Level, in professional sports from the NFL to the best of the best in Military, Soccer & Rugby. His books have influenced thousands upon thousands around the world as has his Tedx talk which is featured below.

Fergus and I got into the deeper, inner workings of coaching and working with PEOPLE. We also share our mistakes, such as overly focusing on program design, software and not connecting deep enough with PEOPLE.

Prepare to be inspired!




Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Fergus Connolly Website

Fergus's Amazon Page / Books

Zach's Resources

STRONG Life Brotherhood for Strength Coaches

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