249: Steven Pressfield Interviews Zach on Writing, Creativity & The STRONG Life


STRONG Life Podcast ep. 249 is a wild ride for me.

Steven Pressfield invited me on a zoom call to be interviewed for a off the cuff interview / conversation. That's right, Steven wanted to interview me. Holy hell!

Yes, it's still surreal and it's a powerful reminder, you never know who is reading your stuff. Steve is an avid reader of my newsletter. It's a reminder that the GREATS all READ. And for those who tell me they're too busy to read or only want to consume information via Instagram or YouTube and ONLY if the videos are 60 seconds or shorter.

To preface all of this, I highly suggest you google Steve and dig into all his work. His website is loaded with great info for any artist / creator / coach and let me tell you, we ALL have an artist inside of us.

Steve's Website is HERE

Now, here's just some of what we covered during this interview:

  • What does my morning routine look like
  • The first time I ever started writing in high school and the story of the guy who hopped in my car and told me he knows how to kill a man with his bare hands
  • What is Steve's morning routine
  • Why writing and training are 2 crucial activities in my day to day life
  • Why I sometimes feel my writing sucks yet ironically others might love them
  • The story of how the book publisher who was originally co authoring The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength bailed out on me and I told them to go _____ themselves ūüôā
  • Why do I keep Turning Pro on my desk at ALL times
  • Why I take photos a certain way / lessons learned from reading Arnold's Encyclopedia and seeing his black and white photos
  • What book and movie changed Steve's life

Dig in and enjoy this episode. I can't wait for part 2.

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Visit Steve's Website HERE.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

2 Responses

  1. Gritty & raw!
    Loved this one!
    I read Turning Pro quite a while ago and I just reading War of Art now. Wow!

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