264 |QnA: Mental Toughness & Grit Development in Youth Athletes


STRONG Life ep. 264 is a QnA that came in to my IG message from a concerned Uncle.

In a nut shell, "How do I get my nephew tough? His father allows him to miss sports practice when ever he wants to, which is quite often. He is 12 years old and has just joined wrestling but his father lets him skip practice whenever he wants. He constantly talks about how everything hurts and has excuses. His personality is that of a wimpy kid. Is it bad to push a kid to do something? If he doesn't want to do something is it OK to let him do nothing? How do we develop a teenager to get tough?"

This is a loaded question and my answer 5 or 10 years ago, certainly 20 years ago would be different than today. Perhaps I am smarter or perhaps I am softer!? If you have other answers after listening to the entire podcast, please leave a comment.


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On my YouTube channel, I used the search button and typed in "Youth" - here are a TON of Videos to dig into.

Same goes for my website here, use the search button and you WILL find the answer to your question(s).

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