335 | Old School Bodybuilding Methods for Athletes, Nutrition Tips, Lessons from Rocky & Much More!


STRONG Life Podcast ep 335

Old School Bodybuilding Methods for Athletes, Nutrition Tips, Lessons from Rocky & Much More!

This was a podcast that I did with Marc Lobliner and Bryce Biel, called The Legacy Project.

Their first episode they did was with Coach Tommy Moffitt and they've been posting to YouTube. They have excellent content. I'll share a clip from their episode with Coach Moffitt below so make sure you check it out.

This was a GREAT conversation and I highly recommend their YT Channel.

You can keep up with their episodes and videos HERE.

Topics covered in this episode:

- Old School Bodybuilding Methods for Athletes

- Nutrition Tips for Athletes

- Why are teenage boys so weak and out of shape today and how to fix this serious problem!

- Training Lessons from Rocky

Plus much more!

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In this episode I told Marc Lobliner about Iron Roots. I suggest watching these videos on your big screen TV!

Enjoy them ALL HERE.



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