342 | DESTROY Your Excuses & Weakness, Nutrition from the Farms & Training High School Athletes


STRONG Life Podcast 342

How to DESTROY Your Excuses & Weakness, Nutrition from the Farms & Training High School Athletes.

This old school poster featured above reminds me of the local health food store from Edison, NJ. It was called Health House and I would visit often to read the books on supplements, then I would purchase whatever I could afford to test what actually helped me or what was great marketing and of no help.

This podcast was an interview from Paul Tokgozoglu with The Jiu Jitsu Outlet Podcast. More info here:


We chatted on life lessons and training lessons which consistently circles back to being STRONG in Mind AND Body.

Enjoy the show and BIG thanks to all who keep leaving 5 star reviews. Let's keep dropping GREAT Reviews! Thank YOU.

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