344: Success Tips for Men, Mistakes in Training Youth Athletes & Minimalist Training for Busy Men


STRONG Life Podcast ep 344

Success Tips for Men, Mistakes in Training Youth Athletes & Minimalist Training for Busy Men 

This was a powerful QnA episode where I pulled questions from my Instagram as well as an email response to The STRONG Life Newsletter 

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Topics covered in this episode:

- Success Tips for Men

- Mistakes I see in Training Youth Athletes & the Problems I have with these mistakes

- Minimalist Training for Busy Men

- How to train your Mind for Greater Success in ANY Endeavor

- Stories from working with The Ultimate Warrior 

- What social media is doing for people who are stuck being average VS those who are achieving BIG Levels of Success

- More Strength Training Tips for Athletes, Dancers and Lessons from teaching Elementary Physical Education 


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Check out the title of this magazine. 


That is what we need more of today. This magazine is from 1962. We have gotten away from this type of thinking and working. We are afraid to talk about Strength, Success and all around living The STRONG Life. Why?

Because success offends people. Mediocrity is what is accepted and the norm, unfortunately. The battle against mediocrity will continue!

RESOURCES Mentioned in this Episode:

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