349 | Training in my 40s, Law Enforcement Training Tips, Kettlebells for Strength, Strength Coach Business Tips & Fat Loss Nutrition Tips


STRONG Life Podcast ep 349

Brought to you by http://ZachStrength.com 

Topics covered in this episode are:

- Best exercises / training tips for law enforcement and first responders

- Using Kettlebells for Strength

- Business "advices" for phys ed teachers who want to earn a side income 

- Fat Loss Nutrition Tips w/ Lessons from my Bodybuilding Days

- Book Recommendations 

- Choosing on when to get a surgery or not

- How to implement weightlifting (Olympic Lifting) into a sports performance program

- Deadlift Warm Ups for the Lift STRONG Fundraiser

- Training Adults for Longevity & Health

- How is Zach organizing his workouts at age 47?

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