362 | Why Athletes are Weaker Since 2010 & the Difference Between Underground Strength Coach Cert vs SSPC (Strength & Sports Performance Coach) Cert?


STRONG Life Podcast ep 362

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In this episode I cover the topic / answer the questions about:

- What Happened to Athletes Since 2010? Why do we see LESS athleticism, LESS strength and MORE injuries?

- Why do we see Athletes doing so much "stuff" (multiple coaches, multiple clubs for sports skills, etc) yet only achieving mediocre results?

- How have these changes in athletes influenced my changes to The Underground Strength Coach Cert

- Why did I create The SSPC Certification & why is The USC Cert still crucial for Coaches and athletes?

- What are the various Differences Between The Underground Strength Coach Cert and The SSPC (Strength & Sports Performance Coach) Cert?

- Why is speed & agility so popular and why did I start implementing more Game Speed since 2012?

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