Rusty Whitt | Lessons in Football Strength & Power + Life Lessons since the 80s


STRONG Life Podcast ep 378 with Rusty Whitt who is the Strength & Conditioning Coach for TROY University Football in Alabama. 

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Rusty Whitt is a Veteran and former Special Forces soldier in the Army and was a Strength Coach before he enlisted in the Army immediately after 9-11 happened.

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In this episode Rusty gives you powerful insight into the lessons he learned from coaches and mentors going back to the 80s.

Here are just some of the topics we discuss:

- Lessons in training and nutrition Rusty learned from his first Strength Coach, Cliff Felkins

- Enlisting in the Army after 9-11 when Rusty was just starting to get momentum as a Strength Coach

- Coaching & lessons learned from training Greco Roman Wrestlers at The Olympic Training Center. Working with Ray Brinzer, an Iowa Hawkeye .....

Who is Ray Brinzer?

- Early lessons in training for speed and power with plyometrics and jump training

- Strength training today vs the 90s with regards to sports performance

- Developing durability in athletes and why this is so crucial


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- Learning through training and getting under the bar

- Lessons learned from Angel Spassov, Allen Hedrick, Rock Gullickson and Dragomir Cioroslan

- How Rusty learned weightlifting with NO bumper plates

- How Rusty organizes training for collegiate Football players today blending technology, experience and lessons learned since the 80s


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- How Rusty trains today as he "Gets Older" and works around injuries

- Rusty's favorite books

- Nutrition and hunting and how Rusty blends these two together along with supplement tips Rusty learned from Bill Gillespie

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