416 | Keys to Building MUSCLE, Strength & Unstoppable POWER


STRONG Life Podcast ep 416 

Keys to Building MUSCLE, Strength & Unstoppable POWER

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This episode of The STRONG Life was inspired by thinking of the book, 'KEYS TO PROGRESS' by John McCallum. It was also inspired by common conversations I've had with teen athletes for 20+ years. This type of conversation has been more common since 2012 or so.

What John McCallum wrote in the 60s is more applicable today than ever before. Those Strength & Health articles were collected into one and became the book, KEYS TO PROGRESS.

You owe it to yourself to get a bunch of old Strength & Health Magazines......

The Keto Diet Circa 1968

John McCallum encouraged plenty of 5 x 5 strength training, some 20 rep "breathing" squats, 5 x 10 on many other lifts and when the teen boy needed a surge of lightning to get BIG, he created "The Get BIG Drink" and encouraged plenty of rest coupled with 3 and sometimes 4 full body workouts each week.

Often times those full body workouts were high volume and in today's world, I like this idea because it teaches an athlete to WORK.

We've gotten far away from Work Ethic and before an athlete is training oh so perfectly and optimally, that athlete need to understand work ethic and intensity.

Here is a conversation with Jan Dellinger as he shares his early stories about Strength & Health Magazine! Get your BIG Drink Shake and Watch!

Give a listen below during my "Keys to Progress" conversation with a teen athlete and please share with those who need to hear this message......

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