418: Tips to Build BETTER Athletes: Stronger, Faster, More Fit, More Durable & MORE ATHLETIC


STRONG Life Podcast ep 418 + Duo NJ High School Strength Coach Podcast with Paul Kolody

Why do we see all these "advances" in training yet I still see more:

  • Injuries with athletes. Often times these injuries are severe and require surgery and / or end the athlete's season
  • Lack of Durability. A college S&C Coach messaged me on Instagram and said, "These kids are showing up with foot work for days but they are extremely weak in the basic strength lifts." I've seen the fastest kids get injured in Football because they did not place value on building muscle (body armor) and strength (durability).
  • Lack of Foundational Strength: Just as you know athleticism when you see it, you also know someone hasn't put in the strength focused work when you see them compete against someone stronger than they are.


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In this episode, Paul Kolody and I discuss the how, what and why of building athleticism in athletes.

Sounds like an oxymoron but if you're a Coach, you have seen athletes who are NOT athletic.

I want to share with you my friend John Welbourn's definition of Athleticism from his Power Athlete website:

“The ability to seamlessly and effortlessly combine primal movement patterns through space and time to perform known and novel task.”

In a nutshell, athletes can move without hesitation. You know athleticism when you see it and vice versa. Our lack of movement proficiency in America coupled with early specialization might be building high level athletes and the outliers succeed.

The majority end up with overuse injuries, surgeries and emotional burn out from the sport. All of these are heartbreaking and the unfortunate reality of what is happening in the USA.

Let's dig in and get started.

Enjoy the show and please keep crushing those 5 star reviews!

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