452 | Parenting Advices, Life Advices & Lessons in Success for the Family Man


Horseback riding and doing some work on the horse farm with the family. I LOVE seeing them smile.

STRONG Life Podcast ep 452

Topics: Parenting Advices, Life Advices & Lessons in Success

In this episode I share my experiences and "advices" in parenting and how strength training and leadership helps you and your family achieve more success.

Even if you're not a parent, the advices here will be powerful for you.

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Enjoy this episode and as always, BIG thanks to all who support the show!



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Topics Discussed in STRONG Life Podcast ep 452:

- Leadership tips and lessons for Dads

- Success lessons / tips for Dads who have kids who are athletes

- Lessons from Khabib and how his father guided him when he was fighting and tore his ACL twice

- Why the break down helps you to achieve the break-through

- Why your kids must see you exercising and training hard

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Arnold gives "Advices"......

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