STRONG Life Ep. 82: Zach & NFL Veteran, John Welbourn Answer Your Questions!



Episode 82 of The STRONG Life Podcast was my favorite episode ever as NFL Veteran, John Welbourn and I work together to crush this QnA episode.

Here are just SOME of the topics / questions we crushed in this jam packed 90 minute episode:

- What Coaches are the Best Coaches & what traits do they have that makes them so great?

- What does the movie 'Dead Poets Society' have to do with living a great life?

- What is the best way to develop first step quickness in athletes?

- How does attitude & environment effect an athlete's results?

- How has training changed for John and Zach as we reached our 40s and juggle family life, training, business and more

- How we Implement "Strength" into Our Family Life to Influence our Kids to Live a STRONG Life

- How to set Goals for yourself when you're no longer competing in high school / collegiate athletics

- How do I fire myself up for training & how I use everything that happens in my life as another opportunity to train myself (mentally & physically)

- How & why does John train & do the things he does as a family man

- What we say to people when the details are TOO detailed and things get complicated

- Training to be "useful"

- What does it take to train at John's private gym at Power Athlete HQ

- How would John and I run a gym if we ran a gym together

- Our thoughts on young athletes & their parents quitting & making excuses

- Thoughts on Taking care of yourself through various measures (chiro, soft tissue, mobility, lifestyle)

- How would we train athletes who only train 2 or 3 x week

- How I help middle school boys develop field speed

- John's story of NOT meeting the standards in Middle School Physical Education

- How we would train athletes ages 12 - 14

- Where did John learn the "F--K Mediocrity" mindset?

- My short experiences with going very low carb for less than a week

- Why is nutrition so confusing nowadays?

- What does John do with supplements and lifestyle to optimize his overall health & fitness?

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4 Responses

  1. I ABSOLUTELY loved this STRONGlife Podcast!!! Probably one of my favorites that you’ve done, Z!!
    (and you asked John one of my questions!!!)

    Five Star rating for sure.

    I’m a huge fan of their Power Athlete protocol and their podcast as well!!

    Again, very well done, gentlemen!!! Very well Done

      1. This was probably my All-Time favorite STRONGLife podcast!!!
        Definitely worth another listen!
        ( and I’m OK with having a man-crush … Don’t Judge)

        1. ha ha ALL good, I often re-listen to episodes myself.

          Whatever fires you UP is ALL good!

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