STRONG Life Ep 90 QnA: Strength Coach Gym Business, Training Large Groups of Athletes & Abundance Mentality



STRONG Life Podcast Episode 90 QnA Style: Strength Coach Gym Business, Training Large Groups of Athletes & Abundance Mentality.

This episode gets more dialed in being the 2nd time I ran a Live Facebook QnA.

You can catch the Live QnA episodes by following me here:

Here are the topics and questions covered in this episode:

- Do weightlifting belts really work for safety / adding pounds to your max lifts?

- How I would train a large group of Football Players (30 athletes) in a small gym?

- What is better for fat loss? High reps Vs Low reps.

- How important is a structured training program vs constantly varied training?

- What are the best strategies for getting the word out about your training services / warehouse gym?

- What is best for Wrestlers / Grapplers / BJJ training? Is it free weights or bodyweight?

- The abundance mentality for success as a strength coach or any individual.

- What are my thoughts on discounts / groupon, etc for training athletes?

- A Funny story on Louie Simmons

- How I like to focus on Coaching which builds a better business.

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