STRONG Life 95: Muscle Building VS Fat Loss, Fatherhood & Strength Coach Advices



STRONG Life Episode 95 is jam packed with Awesome information thanks to your Awesome Questions.

I pulled your questions from This Instagram Post.

Here are the Questions / Topics I covered:

  • When it comes to programming, do you recommend a 2,4 or 8 week blocks for high school athletes for movement progressions ?
  • Rambo or Commando? 
  • Who's the most underrated out of the old school strength legends in your opinion?
  • What is your approach when dealing with athletes who have sport specific adaptations that may possibly hinder their everyday life activities but make their specific movements easier during competition? An example that I constantly work with is, wrestlers with super tight lats, traps, and even pecs that have that rolled forward posture like a turtle shell.My general rule of thumb has been "make them aware of the instability and only change it if it is causing them discomfort in everyday activity," let me know what your take would be. Thanks man. Love your motivational stuff too, brother.
  • You've mentioned that you're opening new locations. Do you know the where yet? 
  • How often would you work on explosive power if it was a weak point for an athlete? Thanks for all your hard work and info??????
  • As I recent father I would be interested to hear how you ensure that you are continuing to grow and develop as a father. Love all the content you put out. Thank you. 
  •  What's easiest diet to follow if you use 5/3/1 or any strength program?I've lost 40 pounds not knowing what I was doing but am now at around 20% body fat I would like to get to 10-15% before I switch focus to building muscle, I seem to be having a hard time losing that last 10 pounds or so?Any guidance you can give in how to lose unneeded fat would be appreciated. I love Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 and don't see myself straying away from the principles because of all the templates and variations you can use. Do I need to be tracking macros and calories etc?
  • How much work do you typically get done in a hour with your athletes? Is there a trend of total sets or exercises, or does it just depend on the style of training of the day? And how long do your kids warm up normally at the gym? As always thanks for being a role model AND being a mentor to the next generation of men/trainers. 
  • Hoping my wife gets me your book The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength for my birthday on Thursday. In the process of finally getting my trainers certification (after more than 20 years as an enthusiast) up here in Toronto. Any tips for starting out in my new career?
  • Is it true that horizontal pulls should be done more than vertical pulls, for shoulder health, or is it dependent on the individual?



This was a FUN STRONG Life Podcast.

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  1. Thanks, Zach, for taking the time to put up these podcasts!

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