The Art & Mindset of Successful Living with Ed O’Keefe



STRONG Life Episode 96 is with Entrepreneur & Most of all, Successful Family Man, Ed O'Keefe.

Ed is a father of 7, a recent graduate of The SEALFit 50 hr KOKORO Camp and has started multiple companies and taken them from $0 to 7 Figures.

Ed and I connected long ago when I purchased his Dentist Profits System and applied it to growing and marketing my gym. I don't recall if I even owned my first gym back then so it was around 8-10 years ago.

In this episode Ed and I discuss the mindset & steps he took to go from Nursing School to being a multiple 7 figure business owner and most of all, a family man who crafts businesses around his family passion.

Here's just some of what we discuss:

- How Ed went from being a broke college student planning to be a Nurse until he came across 2 cassette tapes on mindset and success

- The mindset Ed applies in learning from others, most specifically, learning from entrepreneurs who are disrupting markets and building 7 & 8 figure businesses

- The desire to walk 100 miles to learn from someone & why this is crucial to your success.

- What are the 3 critical parts of every business that you need to maximize.

- How to use "Time Collapsing" to 10 X multiply your learning and overall success.

- How Ed sets up his day to create success around his rules and what he calls "non negotiables".

- Ed's thoughts on asking vs earning & how this can help you learn and connect with highly successful people and be in the Top 1%.

- 1 key factor that helps you achieve greater life success & financial success

- Winning is easy. Here's why & how to win in Life.....



This episode with Ed fired me up BIG time.

I felt like I was listening to a Earle Nightingale success tape. Feeding your mind powerful information is a MUST if you want more success in your life.

This episode is going to require listening to again and again.

You will pull a new success tip each time you listen to this episode.

Listen in your car, Listen when outdoors walking and listen with pen and paper handy.

Here's how you can learn from Ed at the resources below:

Time Collapsing Book

The Time Collapsing Mega Conference

The Ed O'Keefe Show

KNOW Foods

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2 Responses

  1. A great podcast Zach. Its amazing how two tapes changed his mindset into a winning one

    1. Yes, I ALWAYS talk about the power of 1 BIG Idea, or even a SMALL idea.

      I’ve utilized a specific “art” so to speak for my business that I learned from the first ever business course I purchased! I use it still, 10+ years later!

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